End Glacier Destruction for the Safety of Surrounding Environments

Target: Micheal S. Regan, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Goal: Reduce fossil fuel emissions to stop Mount Rainier from losing more of its glaciers.

There were once 29 glaciers on Mount Rainier, America’s ‘forever’ glaciers. Now, one to three have melted. With increased fossil fuel emissions contributing to global warming and climate change, glaciers are at risk. Mount Rainier’s Stevens glacier has been completely destroyed, and scientists fear the Pyramid and Van Trump glaciers are in extreme danger of experiencing the same result. When glaciers melt, surrounding environments face serious repercussions. With the melting of Mount Rainier, rocks fall on surrounding forests, destroying them. Further destruction applies to the course of nearby rivers and the growth of native plants. These changes have caught the eye of tourists exploring Mount Rainier National Park. Arguably, the most dangerous effect of these melting glaciers is potential flooding to surrounding roads. If this occurs, tourists will find difficulty touring this once beautiful park.

Officials need to focus on stopping glacier destruction to ensure environmental and tourist safety. Climate change contributes to this phenomenon; hence the intense need to reduce the emission of fossil fuels and other pollutants. Demand changes now.


Dear Administrator Regan,

The melting of Mount Rainier’s glaciers is unsafe for the environment and tourists. Neighboring environments are suffering the consequences of these glaciers being destroyed by climate change. To preserve these once assumed ‘forever’ glaciers, new environmental efforts must be taken to reduce global warming and climate change. Fossil fuel emissions contribute to both environmental concerns, and it would be of great benefit to focus on preserving this monument to prevent any further unintended harm. Please undergo extreme efforts to stop the continued destruction of Mount Rainier.


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Photo credit: Stan Shebs

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