Stop Fracking to Conserve Precious Water Supplies

Target: Todd Staples, President of the Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA)

Goal: End excessive fracking to reduce climate change and water depletion.

Fracking requires millions of gallons of water to mine oil and gas. Research has proven that with recent fracking efforts in Texas, nearly one-third of their water will be depleted by 2070. Oil and gas production emits fossil fuels that contribute to climate change, and the industry’s excesses have led to a lack of water in surrounding communities. The combination of global warming and a lack of groundwater can result in Texan droughts, while fracking activity also contributes to possible earthquakes. The amount of water needed for oil and gas production has greatly increased, creating the term “monster frack.” One single frack may need up to 40 million gallons of water, paving the way for a dehydrated society.

Water is a necessity in day-to-day life. If it runs out, all lives are put at severe risk. Increased fracking efforts generate environmental harm on top of obvious concerns. With a lack of water, climate change worsens. Natural disasters are also more likely to occur. Our necessities should not be used for the production of already environmentally-harmful products. Demand change.


Dear President Staples,

Please put an end to the increased use of water in fracking. Water is a natural resource that cannot be depleted; it’s needed to sustain life. If its excessive use prevails, Texans will face the repercussions through worsened global warming and an increased risk of natural disasters. Fracking once was able to occur without millions of gallons of water. It’s time to end “monster fracks” and focus on generating more sustainable ways of producing oil and gas.


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Photo credit: Simon Fraser University – Communications & Marketing

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  1. Water will be the next and probably last of the extremes of climate change. To knowingly frack water is beyond dangerous at this point and time. All living things need water to survive. You know this. How many will you kill for a few bucks in your pocket?

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