Stop Filling Landfills With Toxic Electric Waste

Target: Michael S. Regan, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Goal: Stop including e-waste in landfills to prevent soil contamination and promote environmental welfare.

Nearly 2 million tons of electronic waste are estimated to be in landfills. This is an absurd amount of e-waste, especially considering how toxic it can be. While computers and other electronics are safe prior to being disposed of, when they enter trashcans or landfills, heavy metals such as mercury and lead leak out. Certain flame retardants and chemicals often do too. These toxins not only can release toxic fumes if heated, but they can also contaminate soil. These are hazardous facts that need to be considered when e-waste enters landfills.

When e-waste toxins contaminate soil, groundwater can also be contaminated. Underground plants and insects may be harmed in this process, future crops planted in contaminated areas can face the repercussions of these leaks, and waterways and marine life could be impacted. Outside of leaking contaminants, e-waste is not biodegradable and often ends up spreading chemicals throughout the environment. When e-waste is processed to get any valuable material from it, fumes from acid baths and/or open-air burning pollute the environment. Fumes accumulate in the air, and workers working with such material are exposed to these pollutants. E-waste permits several fatal repressions for workers and the environment alike, making it unacceptable for it to be included in landfills. Specific electronic waste facilities are provided, so landfills should not be considered an option.

Pollution is at a high, and the environment’s welfare must be prioritize. E-waste needs to be disposed of in specific electronic waste facilities. Sign this petition to stop the inclusion of e-waste in landfills.


Dear Administrator Regan,

The tons of electronic waste in our landfills puts Earth at risk because of the hazardous material it contains. E-waste contains harmful toxins that can contaminate ecosystems and pollute the environment if not stopped. It also pollutes our air when it’s examined for useful parts. This puts landfill workers at risk by being exposed to such chemicals, all while these chemicals seep into the air. Landfills should be used for biodegradable material that poses no environmental harm; there are specific facilities for dangerous waste that can’t be broken down safely.

Please stop including e-waste in landfills. There’s no reason it can’t be taken to specific electronic disposal facilities. Certain facilities even recycle this type of waste, while landfills have a difficult time breaking it down. We cannot continue to harm Earth with small actions that can be fixed. Look towards the direct harm e-waste has on our environment and stop it from reaching any landfills. Soil and waterways will benefit, as will landfill workers and pollution rates. Put an end to this pressing issue. Thank you for your attention to this crucial message.


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  1. Landfills are already toxic but with so many electronics included it has become a dire situation. Surely the companies and corporations making all these instruments can think oof a way to recycle them. None of these devices belong in landfills. Old TV’s, radios, kitchen equipment, machines, even tires need to be recycled. America is a great invention and has invented some spectacular machines of all types. Yet the government must make these corporations have a recycle program that the company pays for much like the old coke bottles of the past and even some plastics of today. Also there is a need to fix what may be broken and get it useful once more.

    • Yes, I agree that there are places to recycle electronics. Unfortunately not everyone has one close to them. Many times there is also a prohibitive fee when certain items are turned over for recycle. Most people don’t want to pay $25 to get rid of a TV, Computer, etc. and who is going to police everybody’s trash pickup for banned items? As far as fixing broken electronics, only certain machines can be fixed such as small kitchen appliances and radios. Many things, computers, phones, etc that break are non-repairable or too old to work with the upgraded systems. We have made our lives better in some ways, but also created a new mess.

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