Shut Down Power Lines During Hazardous Weather to Prevent Fires

Target: Lori Moore-Merrell, Administrator of the U.S. Fire Administration

Goal: Reduce the impact of wildfires by introducing procedures to shut down power lines.

Recently, wildfires have spread across Maui after officials did not shut down power lines. Warnings of powerful winds had circulated, but Hawaii officials did not take into consideration the fire hazards that came with such winds. The most efficient way to prevent wind-induced wildfires is to completely shut off power lines. Now, officials are receiving backlash for not taking the proper steps to prevent this hazard. New procedures must be implemented to prevent wildfires from emerging in such weather conditions.

Research has shown that most wildfires combust and spread because of dangerous wind. Weather prediction centers can get a timely idea of when winds will begin and how strong they’ll be. In such cases, officials need to be prepared to take the necessary steps to prevent fiery destruction. If hazardous winds knock down power lines, which is more than likely to happen, high-energy voltage can start vegetation on fire. Winds can then expand and spread the fire, making it larger and more difficult to extinguish. In turn, the lives of thousands will be at risk, and entire ecosystems will be destroyed by fires rampaging through them. The impact of fires can be easily prevented by the installation of new procedures.

Wildfires pose a serious threat to the public, wildlife, and the environment, and it’s up to officials to prevent avoidable harm. Sign this petition to urge officials to turn off power lines during times of hazardous weather and demand better practices be used to prevent wildfires.


Dear Administrator Moore-Merrell,

As the recent Maui wildfires have proven, power lines are a huge cause of fires. When hazardous winds circulate our atmosphere, power lines may be knocked over and ignite flammable material. The electricity that flows through these lines needs to be turned off in order to preserve our environment, wildlife, and homes. Wildfires are a danger to our own lives, and when winds spread and amplify them, emergency services are of no help. The fires typically need to burn out on their own, which can take days, weeks, or even months. Our environment deserves to be free of any preventable disasters, and we should not have to worry about power lines setting cities on fire.

Power lines need to be shut off during extreme winds. These procedures have taken place before and have been found to prevent the ignition and/or spread of fires. It’s time to look towards this as a permanent solution to storm-induced fires. Help communities and ecosystems by preventing further avoidable destruction.


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