Stop Habitat Loss to Save Florida Panthers

Target: Marth Williams, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Help save the Florida panther population by encouraging the preservation of agricultural land.

There are only about 230 Florida panthers left in the wild due to extreme hunting in the late 1900s and habitat loss. There used to be an abundance of these animals but now, urbanization has left them with nowhere to live comfortably. If nothing is done about this pressing issue within the coming years, native Florida panthers will go completely extinct.

This species of panther is specifically important to the ecosystem because they control prey species that may easily get out of hand. For example, panthers keep wild hog populations at bay, which is good because these animals can become destructive and potentially decrease plant biodiversity through their eating habits. Even deer and raccoon populations are kept at bay from these predators. Outside of directly sustaining the biodiversity of certain ecosystems, panthers pose no threat to humans and typically keep to themselves. Overall, they have no disadvantages, and if they continue to dwindle, other endangered species may suffer. These animals are an umbrella species in Florida which refers to their importance and impact within their ecosystem, so if they go down, other animals do too.

Panthers are incredibly important to the biodiversity of their ecosystem. They keep prey populations in check and help sustain other endangered species. If these animals go extinct, others do too. Sign this petition to demand a stop to the Florida panthers’ extinction by protecting their habitat.


Dear Director Williams,

Florida panthers are nearly extinct because of habitat destruction. They’re an incredibly important species that outweigh the large amount of prey in ecosystems. They also contribute to the populations of other endangered species by being such a high-ranked predator. Wild hogs and other prey decrease the biodiversity of ecosystems if their populations get too high, which places pressure on panthers to help solve this issue. Industrialization is significantly less important than the welfare of wildlife and the environment. Florida panther populations need to be prioritized in order to sustain the environment.

Please introduce new habitats for Florida panthers to flourish in. If nothing is done to sustain their population, they will go extinct. Officials need to prioritize this cause for the well-being of the environment and other species. Save Florida panthers to ensure biodiversity.


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Photo credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife

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  1. So many builders are looking to buy land and they don’t care about fairness to animals, wildlife, water, soil, or other humans. Builders are only interested in $$$, Nothing new here. Florida does everything possible to support this type of dealing due to the amounts of cash given to state and local officials to finalize the deal. Wetlands, marshes, mangroves are all sacrificed in the name of progress but it is not progress. We are too many people and like China we must build up! High rises and apartments provide housing yet save land for much needed nature, not human sprawl. we don’t have any other choice. Climate change and nature won’t wait as humans will always want more and take everything without using intelligence.

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