Stop Illegal Dog Fighting to Reduce Canine Fatalities and Forced Aggression

Target: Tom Vilsack, US Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Stop illegal dog fighting to reduce canine aggression and abuse.

Thousands of dogs are forced to engage in dog fighting to entertain spectators, and oftentimes, owners of the dogs make profit off this abusive sport. Dogs can end up getting fatally injured, often leading to death. This is a definite issue, and many dog breeds are stereotyped based on how they act after being trained to fight. There’s no reason for innocent canines to continue dying, being injured, and potentially becoming aggressive at the expense of entertainment and possible income.

Breeds such as the American Pit Bull Terrier are used most commonly in dog fights. When an animal is exposed to and trained for these specific kinds of activities, it’s common for them to become aggressive out of habit. Research has proven that pit bulls are not inherently dangerous and/or aggressive, but due to the illegal dog fighting industry, they’re sometimes viewed in a negative light. While dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states, it still continues to exist under the radar. Officials need to stop these acts from occurring to save the lives of the canines being used in this industry. It can also prevent aggression in dogs that would not normally act dangerously.

Illegal dog fighting can cause death and inflict serious injuries on dogs being forced to fight. This industry trains these innocent animals to act dangerously, giving breeds a negative connotation for something they can’t control. This is not a request, it’s a demand. Sign this petition to stop illegal dog fights and preserve the lives of innocent canines.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

Dog fighting is an abusive sport that ends the lives of thousands of canines. Even though it’s illegal, it still occurs, and it cannot be used as a form of entertainment and/or profit any longer. Certain breeds specifically used in these fights gain negative stereotypes because of involuntary fighting and abusive training. Canines also may become aggressive after being forced into this industry, which has absolutely nothing to do with their intrinsic nature. Every aspect of these fights are unjust, harmful, and even deadly to guiltless dogs.

Please do what you can to put an end to these acts. Dog fights being illegal clearly isn’t enough; more must be done to prevent them. The EPA needs to step in and call upon state officials to keep a watchful eye on this industry. This demand is required to save the lives of animals in agony and reduce provoked aggression on certain dog breeds. With the proper actions, stereotyped canines can prove their gentle demeanor. Thank you for your attention to this vital demand.


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  1. Dog fighting is illegal. Everyone knows that for a fact. Yet it continues. The harm is undeniable, the torture beyond description. These are innocent dogs! The laws in America are not strong enough to stop this event from happening. The government can nit stand by and watch this occur. If a dog fighting ring is discovered then place all connected in police custody. All must stand trial by jury. If found guilty by a jury of their peers they must face a prison sentence, pay all vet bills for the dogs involved, place a lean in any homes to insure the vet and replacement costs are paid. Fine them $1000,000.00. Allow their criminal involvement to follow them into the work place. Never allow them near another animal for life. If law enforcement is involved or judges do a favor for these criminals, all of those involved will be prosecuted as well with the same harshness. This may give many who are now involved to get out before they are caught up in the process which takes all prisoners!

    • Agreed, too many legal authorities are derelict in their duty to enforce the law and to fully prosecute offenders. These poor dogs are forced to go against their own instincts and personalities, they are horribly abused and tortured. Anyone participating, spectators included, should face the same charges as the ring leaders and all of them should be in jail awaiting a trial that should send them to prison for a long time.

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