Indict Trump for Possible Espionage and Obstruction

Target: Merrick Garland, U.S. Attorney-General

Goal: Prosecute former president if evidence indicates he willfully stole and withheld classified national security documents.

The search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate stirred an explosive amount of controversy, with the former president and allies immediately shouting claims of another “witch hunt” and placing the focus on the FBI search rather than the reported reason for the search. The swirl of speculation compelled the FBI to release information about the search warrant, which brought to light some highly troubling information.

At the center of the controversy are allegations that former President Trump was in possession of highly classified and unsecured intelligence documents. The search itself apparently uncovered at least 12 parcels of such documents, some of which had the highest national security designation available. The former president seemingly does not deny being in possession of these documents, as his justifications have now moved to claiming he had ordered said documents declassified…an assertion his previous aides claim is a lie. While the specific content of these documents is unknown, reporting has stated that at least some were related to nuclear information.

Possible criminal measures mentioned in association with this search include violations of the Espionage Act and obstruction of justice. Classified documents are supposed to remain in highly secured settings and can only be accessed with permission and strict protocols in place. The former president allegedly had them on-site at a resort where any staff or visitors could have viewed them. Worse yet, the search raised the still unanswered questions of why this man had this sensitive information and what exactly he intended to do with it.

The potential obstruction stems from reports that the FBI has been trying to retrieve all pertinent documents for months. A lawyer of the former president had even allegedly sent a certified letter weeks ago stating that every document had been returned. The American legal system, and America as a whole, should put politics aside and really examine the known facts of the case.

No one, regardless of their political position or the amount of support they enjoy, should be above the law. Loyalists should ask themselves if these allegations were directed against someone they disliked, would they react in the same manner? Would they threaten violence and attack the authorities trying to carry out their sworn duty rather than the person who allegedly broke his sworn oath to the country?

Sign the petition below to demand justice in this case remain blind and unyielding.


Dear Attorney-General Garland,

Investigating a political public figure, especially a divisive one, is a precarious balancing act. The cases before you involving former President Donald Trump present an especially daunting challenge. Please do not let the harsh spotlight shone on these investigations prevent any action that needs to be taken.

The Department of Justice may have special policies in place regarding the investigation and possible indictment of public figures, but these policies should never obstruct the execution of justice. As you have stated repeatedly, no person is above the law. If the former president did use his position to endanger national security even after leaving office, he needs to be held to account.

Follow the facts, and please make the right call for this nation’s future.


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