Prevent United Kingdom From Collapsing Into Political Chaos

Target: Sir Graham Brady, Chair of 1922 Committee

Goal: Allow another no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Despite narrowly surviving a no-confidence vote from his own party, the once-powerful British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is seemingly facing a catastrophic loss of confidence on multiple fronts. A dozen-plus officials have resigned within a day’s time, including two high-level Cabinet members. More could follow. A newly released poll indicates that nearly 70 percent of his citizenry believes that the prime minister should follow suit and resign.

Numerous scandals as well as economic turmoil have led to this point. Johnson was in the midst of the Partygate scandal, which alleged that several in-person, packed parties were held on his property at a time when the United Kingdom (UK) was under strict lockdown. Johnson was fined for at least one of these incidents. In addition, he has been blamed for the aftereffects of a shaky withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, including a controversial move where he requested the Queen shut down Parliament: a possibly illegal act. Several corruption, campaign finance abuse, and improper lobbying allegations have also plagued the prime minister, among the most recent being the supposed construction of new hospitals that weren’t so new after all. And the latest scandal involves Johnson’s promotion of a man accused multiple times of sexual misconduct (a new allegation was reported just a few days ago) to a prominent position.

Despite the increasing calls for him to step down, Prime Minister Johnson has vowed to stay in power to the detriment of all the people he represents. Sign the petition below to urge a revisitation of the no-confidence vote that could remove this potentially harmful leader from office.


Dear Sir Brady,

As the overseer of the Conservative Parliament, you have the authority to amend regulations that proclaim a no-confidence vote can only occur once within a year. Mounting allegations and resignations concerning the prime minister demonstrate why this rule should be changed. Important factors and influences can literally come to light within a day, an hour, or even a minute.

The multiple resignations surrounding the premiership demonstrate that another vote is needed immediately to preserve stability. Please enable this procedure to happen as soon as possible.


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Photo Credit: Artem Beliaikin

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