Demand the Immediate Investigation of Jetliner Following Plane Crash

Target: Stephen Dickson, Federal Aviation Administration 

Goal: Investigate Boeing’s 737-800 jet for potentially life-threatening oversights following China Eastern Airlines’ latest crash. 

Another Boeing 737 has crashed in Asia. The latest failure occurred over China’s Guangxi region, as a China Eastern Airline jetliner carrying 132 passengers lost communication with its destination and descended into a mountain. This is the third Boeing 737 crash in four years. We demand that the Federal Aviation Administration immediately ground all active Boeing 737-800 airliners and investigate the model for malfunctioning machinery. 

Boeing’s once spotless reputation suffered its first blow in 2018 when their widely popular 737-Max model crashed in Ethiopia, and then again in 2019 when the same model came down over Indonesia. The fatal collisions killed 346 people, prompting the Department of Justice to investigate the cause of Boeing’s catastrophic failure. The federal probe led to the indication of several Boeing employees with the charge of purposely misleading the F.A.A. while seeking approval for the Max model, according to the New York Times. In 2021, Boeing agreed to a $2.5 billion settlement over a separate criminal charge against the company regarding their calculated defrauding of the Federal Aviation Agency during routine approval procedures. 

The aviation company also has strong political ties. Most notably with former president Donald Trump, which has been cited as one of the main reasons the U.S. was among the last countries to ground 737-Max following its second crash. Trump and then Boeing’s CEO have a long history of mutual advertisement and profit, as well as intertwined employees. According to Reuters, during his presidency, Trump pressured U.S. allies to purchase products from the company who in turn received $104 billion in unclassified defense contracts. 

Boeing has seemingly proven that it values continued business over the safety of their passengers. The aviation company has also reportedly demonstrated a history of deception, corruption and negligence all in the name of profit. It is imperative that an immediate investigation into the causes of the last Boeing 737-800 crash be conducted and that all such models be grounded until an explanation is found. 


Dear Mr. Dickson, 

Over a hundred people are missing, and possibly dead, following China Eastern Airlines’ most recent plane crash. This is not Boeing’s first fatal infraction. Their airliners have failed before, the result of faulty software that could have been remedied if their updates were disclosed to the F.A.A. during the Boeing 737-Max’s approval process. Instead, it was seemingly hidden to expedite the process.

Boeing is apparently corrupt. They are a company with settled political and economic power that has swelled their ego and allowed them to think they can operate with impunity. The manufacturer has proven their unreliability. We, therefore, demand a reevaluation of Boeing 737-800s as well as the temporary grounding of all jetliners of the same model until a conclusive cause to the crash has been determined. 


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Photo Credit: Aero lcarus

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  1. 510 people have wasted their time signing a petition for an investigation of an airliner crash…which started within minutes of the crash! Does no one pay any attention to the news?

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