Don’t Bankrupt Struggling Nation

Target: Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan

Goal: Ease loan burdens that are spiking inflation and hardship in Sri Lanka.

Inflation is not a problem exclusive to the United States, as its effects have become downright crippling in other nations. Sri Lanka has arguably been hit the hardest. A combination of high borrowing rates, tax cuts, and other policies began to crater the country’s economy. The pandemic’s effects have nearly sent it into a free-fall. The threat of default and bankruptcy is ever-present.

As is usually the case, the people are suffering most. Basic food supplies are priced out of reach. In the case of some popular items, like milk powder, supplies are non-existent. Electricity has been rationed, and water may soon follow suit.

These dire effects have caused the country’s leadership to essentially beg its biggest lenders for some relief. Sign the petition below to urge Japan to lend a helping hand to people in need.


Dear Prime Minister Kishida,

Japan faced its own default crisis over a decade ago. This country—better than many—should understand the toll such circumstances take on both a government and its people. Sri Lanka is currently facing a similar crisis. Across the nation, individuals are struggling for fundamental essentials like food, electricity, and water.

Japan is a major lender to this nation. Please honor Sri Lanka’s request for more time in settling its deficits and loans. While Japanese intervention cannot save the country, leniency can certainly alleviate the crushing burdens.


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Photo Credit: Markus Winkler


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  2. Well, it’s interesting

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