Punish Russia to Fullest Extent for Ukraine Invasion

Target: Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Goal: Advocate for more far-reaching sanctions against Russia in response to invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has realized the worst fears of foreign policy experts and intelligence officials with a wide-scale invasion of neighboring country Ukraine. As citizens across Ukraine slept, the sounds of gunshots and explosions awoke them to their new and terrifying reality. With economic shockwaves reverberating around the globe and the very real threat of an even greater conflict, the world is left asking what happens now?

The military aggression of Russia should be of concern to everyone. It has drastically destabilized the fragile peace maintained since World War II and promises horrific suffering on a humanitarian and economic level as worldwide trading and financial systems are thrown into chaos. Perhaps most gravely, this aggression undermines the ideals of freedom and independence. These authoritarian bullying tactics cannot go unanswered or those who would exploit their power will only be emboldened.

Various countries have levied sanctions against Russia designed to weaken its might. More robust and unified action clearly needs to be taken, however. Options include cutting off Russia’s access to a massive international finance system, ejecting it from influential G20 membership, and severing ties with one of its biggest assets: oil exports.

Sign the petition below to urge world leaders to implement every available peaceful measure to minimize the longevity and effects of this ongoing crisis.


Dear Secretary-General Guterres,

Ukraine received assurances when it became a nation more than 30 years ago that its sovereignty would be protected. The world has already witnessed many times over the havoc a power-hungry aggressor can wreak, especially in the absence of real and meaningful resistance. Please let the lessons of history guide you.

The United Nations was born from such atrocities, and now one of its members has reneged on its critical mission. As the leader of the UN, you should be a key advocate for any measures that can restore stability. The world must unite in unequivocally and fully condemning Russia’s invasion not just with words, but with comprehensive, sweeping action. Sanctions present a solid peaceful resolution, but these measures must be swift, immediate, and inflict maximum punishment.

Restricting access to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is one powerful tool that has yet to be implemented, as is curbing Russia’s involvement in G20 affairs. Moreover, oil and gas exports are a major driver of Russia’s economy. Cutting off this profit line could do more damage alone than an entire package of other sanctions. Please do not dismiss this possibility because of society’s reliance on fossil fuels. You cannot only speak about condemnation and punishments if your own interests are unaffected,

Leave no peaceful option unused. Stand up for Ukraine and stand against the forces of violence and oppression.


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Photo Credit: Remy Steinegger


  1. Stop this nonsense of invasion let the ppl of Ukraine be free !

  2. Please leave the Ukraine ppl be free and democracy will stand up against all .

  3. Jim+Takahashi says:

    Just like his petty sidekick, Lukashenko, Putin is a classic dictator. Russia is Putin, and Putin is Russia. Is it any wonder that Trump envied him? Yes, Putin has always been Trump’s idol.

    Being a classic dictator, Putin has always wanted to expand his empire, and as an ex KGB officer, he wants Russia to regain the former Soviet territory. Obsessive Love from Russia. Sick, scary and dangerous, indeed! And, he’s infuriated with the image of Ukraine joining NATO. Jealousy makes a guy crazy and dangerous. Putin is the Stalin of today. What an evil creature he is!

    That said, the fundamental problem lies with the Russians. The majority of Russians support Putin and his decision to invade Ukraine. The Russians as a nation have made this cruel monster. Putin is a result not the cause. Trump was the same, and Hitler was the same. Eventually, the Russians will have to pay a dear price for this, being branded as an evil nation, just like Germans had to for the crimes committed by Nazi Germany. Russia is rotten to the core and I call it RottenSia.

    [Do you approve of the activities of Vladimir Putin as the president (prime minister) of Russia?]

  4. Agree all comments what sort of people in this world to want to hurt people. Just stop this cruel invasion on the people and the poor animals who are in it. Why do countries have to fight just give peace and forget the past.This world is fucked people are just cruel and they should not be on this earth.

  5. The missing item is the interconnection we all have to one another, including nations.
    Putin is not a mentally stable leader but something like this could start a world war. We will not survive WW3.
    Putin has no right to just take over a country because he chooses to do so. But China is watching due to Taiwan and China’s lust for that island. America is their protector. All this plus killing innocent people, animals, even children. Children being treated for cancer are in a basement bunker. Wildlife is dying and the climate can’t withstand this selfish stupidity. I am humbled by the Ukraine people fighting for their country against all odds. We as humans must find a better way so Putin, Trump, Chi, and many others don’t destroy earth and the goodness in most humans. What would earth look like with no boarders? We must find a way to live without all the industry, corporations and governments. I hope we are destined to do so.

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