Stop Gerrymandering and Protect All Voters’ Rights

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives

Goal: Advocate for a redistricting process that is fair and transparent to voters.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is facing a lawsuit over the controversial redistricting map he recently signed into law. The map impacts several Congressional districts for the House of Representatives. In some cases, it even abolishes entire districts and divides up their remains. Two districts represented by Black members of Congress may soon be no more as a result. These changes have enraged citizens of minority communities who feel their voices are being wiped out in violation of the Voting Rights Act. In addition to the racial underpinnings, the new map also reportedly violates a voter-enacted provision in the state’s Constitution that prohibits partisan gerrymandering. Current estimates predict that the redistricting will result in a net gain of 20 Congressional seats for the governor’s Republican party.

Across the nation, similar accusations of gerrymandering and subsequent legal actions are playing out in courtrooms from Texas to New York. The system is clearly broken, yet it remains in the hands of master carver opportunists who are only looking out for their own interests. Giving politicians the power to decide voting districts is akin to letting the fox run the henhouse. Congress has the power to amend laws relating to federal elections, and it should use this power to follow the example of other democracies and end racial, partisan, and all forms of gerrymandering.

Members of the House of Representatives claim they want to give more voting power to the people. Sign the petition below to demand they back up these words with decisive actions.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

Gerrymandering continues to undermine the faith of the people in the voting process. When voters are viewed as nothing more than chess pieces or puzzle pieces, how can they feel their voice truly matters? And populations already long plagued by systemic oppression often lose the most. Both parties are guilty, and both parties need to take responsibility for cleaning up this mess.

Other nations have taken the redistricting process out of poisonous political hands and put it under the authority of independent commissions. Iowa has also successfully implemented a gerrymandering fix. Congress has the authority to do the same, but do you have the will? If lawmakers truly care about voting rights and election integrity, they will eliminate one of the greatest threats to both.

Please actively support legislation like the Fair Representation Act to put gerrymandering and its destructive effects where they belong…in the trash.


[Your Name Here]


  1. America votes! That is the way we approve of the person / persons who will represent us, all of us! We each have an opinion and we each have the RIGHT to VOTE as we see fit! The GOP is making a mockery of our American way of life, our freedom to choose, and our capacity to follow our intelligence and common sense. Gerrymandering, in my opinion, is used to stop progress. It’s a wasted policy unless the person is standing continually on the Senate floor for days speaking on a subject. This is not the McConnell way of doing things but he uses this more often than cream in his coffee! America Votes! Please don not allow one party to strip any Americans from the right they have to vote. They live here, they pay taxes here, then they must be allowed to vote here as well. There is no reason and absolutely no excuse for any less. America Votes!

  2. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    Sick of these extreme Democrats trying to take everybody’s rights away but then again it does say in the Bible that in the end times which is now that the people that will be governing us will have childlike minds wow so well what do you expect.

    Isaiah 3:4 And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

    • jan jordan says:

      its the repubs that are taking away the right to vote..TX FLA both with repub governors..have signed into law voter suppression laws..

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣Delusional qtard 🤡

    • Oh. And Chazz Stevens is using a law to BAN THE BIBLE because of banning books like Maus. Be careful what you wish for is the saying.

    • Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:

      Extreme Democrats?!!! Lol Ahhh if Torah pulled her head out of her ass and paid attention to what party(Republicans) are doing to suppress voters, take away a womans right to a safe abortion, LGBT rights, cover up and try to justify the Jan 6 insurrection at the US capital, carrying on Trumps BIG LIE about the 2020 election being stolen, carrying out SHAM investigations of voter fraud, crying that the Biden administration is spending to much money on infrastructure, Covid vaccines and PPE, stimulus money and other social services…but yet they NOOO problems giving out HUGE tax breaks to wealthy and corporations.

  3. Bible?!? Oh, PALEEZE… GROW-UP!!!

  4. Shawna Flottemesch says:


    • Some good news. Democrat won a VERY red district in Michigan. Over 40 years with no Dem.Why? Robert Regan said rape survivors should LAY BACK AND ENJOY IT.His children voted DEMOCRAT.

  5. Jane+Morrow says:

    As an outsider looking in the American electoral colleague voting set up etc. is pretty ridiculous and archaic, and clearly open to manipulation by desperate Republicans. Don’t think the world could survive another 4 years of the Trump debacle. One man one vote, all of equal value, how difficult is that?

    • Because these traitors want to win by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE. Look at the traitor trash who wanted to overturn election. Over 2 thousand emails from one traitor to another.

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