Don’t Slash Social Security Benefits for Older Americans

Target: Jodey Arrington, Chair of U.S. House Committee on the Budget

Goal: Do not move forward with proposed cuts to Social Security.

The solvency of the social security program tens of millions of Americans rely on has long been a point of contention. But many current proposals or actions to “save” the program will instead harm recipients. Older Americans in particular will suffer as a result.

A plan backed by Republicans on the U.S. House Budget Committee would slash benefits for three-quarters of social security recipients. This plan also proposes increasing the retirement age for American 59 or younger. If this scenario happens, the amount of social security Americans receive when they are able to retire would be even more drastically reduced.

Plus, Congress has ordered the Social Security Administration to retrieve funds the government itself has overpaid by withholding benefits for affected recipients until those individuals pay the funds back. So, through no fault of their own, millions of cash-strapped Americans are penalized and placed under hardship for the government’s mistake. While the administration has recently eased overpayment rules, many recipients are still being adversely impacted.

Sign the petition below to demand this committee put forth ideas that will help, not hurt, Americans in the long-term.


Dear Representative Arrington,

Over 250 million Americans could see the social security benefits integral to their livelihoods drastically reduced under your current plan. A proposed raising of the retirement age would further compound the crunch for countless Americans, as they navigate the increased costs of aging with less money in their pockets. Please reverse course on this plan. Moreover, support more reforms to the burdensome overpayment rules that see Americans penalized for errors made by the government.  In addition, mailings or other correspondence should be as timely and transparent as possible to further ease the difficulties faced by recipients.

Work with all committee members to find a better path forward.


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  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    With inflation reaching ridiculously high levels and getting higher, people count on those benefits more than ever before.

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