Stop Politicizing and Threatening National Security

Target: Tommy Tuberville, U.S. Senator

Goal: Cease blockade of important military leadership postings that is harming the armed forces.

Despite claims of patriotism and “supporting our military heroes” from flag-waving politicians, hundreds of top military posts vital to the security of the country have gone vacant or are being occupied by less-than-qualified leaders. These positions include the heads of the Marines, the Army, and the Pentagon. As is somehow allowed in the Senate, one sole politician is responsible for draining the U.S. Armed Forces of stability and security.

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville has blocked military nominations and promotions from going forward for months, with no end in sight. Worse yet, he is creating this quagmire not out of some concern for any of the nominations but rather to promote his views on abortion: a totally unrelated issue. The senator has refused to lift any of the blockades unless the armed forces bend to his will and suspend their policy of supporting service members who travel across state lines to get an abortion. The political grandstanding has drawn backlash far and wide, including from all branches of the Armed Forces, military spouses, the Department of Defense, and from Democrats and Republicans alike.

But the country itself stands to lose the most. Sign the petition below to demand this senator stop playing games with national security.


Dear Senator Tuberville,

“Not approving the recommendation for promotions actually creates a ripple effect through the force that makes us far less ready than we need to be.” Does this very clear and direct message—and the outcries from other leaders, including your own close colleagues—mean nothing? No single individual should have the power to upend and stall what has been for centuries a bipartisan process vital to this nation’s security. Otherwise, we are no better than a dictatorship.

Yet here we are. Stop trying to score cheap political points from extreme factions at the expense of military families and at great cost to the entire country. You once proudly proclaimed “nobody is more military than me” and reiterated this sentiment with the following statement: “to maintain our role as the world’s leading superpower, we must also maintain the world’s most modern, prepared, and lethal military. Bolstering our force and military capabilities ensures we are ready to defeat any enemy at any time. I am proud of my work on the Senate Armed Services Committee to draft legislation that gives the military the tools it needs to keep our country safe.”

If these were more than empty words, then end your hostile attack on U.S. military preparedness at once.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Cody Hendrix

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  1. This is a disgrace! How one man is able to pull a stunt like this is disgusting. We aren three hundred and thirty million people this man is holding hostage. There must be a way to stop this idiotic posturing of one Senator. He’s not God. He’s just one of many Senators who sits in his office trading, selling, and buying stocks with insider information. Is it legal? Yes. Is it ethical? Absolutely not. Yet I’m sure he voted to put Martha Stewart in prison for doing the same thing. Martha was a woman of valor, accepted her punishment, and has set an example of how to undo damage done. Tuberville has no concern for those he is injuring. He should be made to go to prison for the damage he is causing those who honor and serve with dignity while he hurts everyone wanting only publicity. His 15 minutes is up! Hopefully he won’t be re-elected.

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