Congress: Seek Solutions Rather Than Revenge

Target: James Comer, Chair of U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability

Goal: Stop abusing authority to pursue impeachments, censures, and other resolutions.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was recently discharged from the hospital following reported complications from a cancer-related surgery. He did not immediately disclose this private medical information to lawmakers. Some members of Congress apparently believe this oversight merits impeachment.

It’s hardly the first time this historically non-functional Congress has floated such ideas. In the past few months, some members have attempted to force a vote for an impeachment inquiry on the homeland security secretary, the attorney general, and President Biden himself. And the number of times Congress has wasted time on rogue censures and expulsion attempts is even higher.

Despite repeated condemnation from both sides of the aisle for these actions, the grandstanding goes on while substantive issues like passing a spending bill fall by the wayside. Sign the petition below to demand the Do-Nothing Congress start doing something meaningful.


Dear Representative Comer,

While yet another federal funding deadline inches ever closer, Congress is busying itself with a record-setting number of censures, expulsions, and impeachment attempts. As one of your fellow party colleagues stated (anonymously, of course): “we should be focused on getting stuff done. We are hopeful the deck has been cleared and we return to our regular broadcast.” But with the newest threat against Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (who seemingly committed the unpardonable offense of getting cancer), it seems the deck is more crowded than ever.

Abraham Lincoln famously said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Do not let the People’s House prove his assertion right. Please stop the distractions, drown out the noise, end the ill-fated retaliatory actions, and get back to the job of leading this nation.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Office of the Speaker of the House


  1. Congress does little except complain … sell, buy, and trade stocks with inside information, and then complain some more. The MEGA GOP are not worth a seat in the chamber. Maybe another impeachment attempt will inspire them.

  2. Donna Leavitt says:

    How about throwing all the bickering little children out and start all over!

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