Make Mail-In Voting Easier

Target: Joe Pittman, PA Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Allow pre-canvassing and other changes to enhance confidence and participation in mail-in voting.

Once a routine and mundane procedure, mail-in voting has become one of the more contentious issues in today’s highly polarized political climate. Battleground state Pennsylvania is a case study in the controversy. The state has faced legal challenges to its process, admitted some administrative errors that have developed mistrust, and dealt with various counties attempting to make the process more difficult by eliminating ballot drop boxes. State officials have also lamented how many mail-in ballots are rejected because of common errors made by voters.

In response and in attempt to bolster voters’ confidence in the process, the state recently unveiled a series of reforms meant to streamline and simplify the mail-in voting process. These changes include clearly identified envelopes and markings for areas prone to voter error, standardized ink, and graphic-supporting, detailed instructions that walk voters through the process. They have not, however, made long-called-for updates to a 100-plus-year-old election code, nor have they allowed the counting of mail-in ballots before Election Day (which would expedite the time that results come in).  Such reforms could bolster and restore confidence in the mail-in voting process.

Sign the petition below to encourage a broader strengthening of these important voter access tools.


Dear Senator Pittman,

A record 65 million-plus Americans cast mail-in ballots during the last presidential election. Postal ballots are a proven way to increase voter turnout and allow more individuals to participate in democracy. Unfortunately, as the practice has expanded, so have the attacks on it…attacks that have led to a decrease in trust and in voting opportunity in many parts of this state.

The pre-canvassing bill that would allow an expanded mail-in voting counting window could be another important step in reducing the chaos and the distrust that has become a feature of Pennsylvania election time. This state has already made some meaningful strides in simplifying the mail-in voting process and in coming together in a bipartisan fashion for welcome changes. Please put aside political differences, do not sow seeds of distrust, and help make the mail-in voting process in this important battleground state a model–not a warning–for other regions.


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  1. Lori Thurston says:

    The only ones that should be voting by mail are our military and disabled people..NO ONE ELSE

  2. People in states across this country have been using mail in ballots for years and, like now, there were no issues or accusations of fraud. This is all made up trash from the GOP who can’t wait to suppress the votes of Americans in order to get their candidates and issues out there to forward their own agenda, not America’s agenda, their agenda, and it has to stop. I was a republican for years (from Utah, where they vote by mail) but after this last few years I left this party of chaos for independent pastures and I’ve never been happier.

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