Do Not Let History Repeat Itself in Germany

Target: Nancy Faeser, Interior Minister for Germany

Goal: Ramp up plans to prevent rise of far-right extremism that endangers immigrants.

A political party in Germany is reportedly taking advantage of an upsurge of migrants (a majority of whom are Ukrainian refugees) entering the country to champion dangerous views with a nod to the nation’s dark past. The leader of Germany’s far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, Maximilian Krah, recently said of the immigration flow: “That is destroying our country! Only the AfD will stop this and arrange their return.” In private, however, the leader reportedly went even further.

A closed-door meeting of the group that has alleged ties to neo-Nazism apparently included extensive discussions about re-migration. This process would involve the mass and forced deportation of anyone viewed as an immigrant, even if the people in question have German citizenship. Attendees also reportedly talked of “pressure to assimilate” and “local assistance” with the plans. To many alarmed critics, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the alleged discussions invoked memories of the Nazi party’s actions to “displace” and “remove” various ethnic and minority groups during Adolf Hitler’s reign.

Sign the petition below to support an effort to curb this growing and dangerous extremism.


Dear Minister Faeser,

“German right-wing extremists and foreign autocrats have one thing in common: They want to stoke rage and divide, above all through disinformation.” You shared these thoughts following the disclosure of a reported meeting of extremists that purportedly included extensive discussions of re-migration. The announced plans to track financing of such extremist groups and to establish an early recognition unit are solid first steps to combating this threat and should be expedited.

The rise of these radical groups demands broader and unrelenting attention, however. Please make stopping these dangerous elements and publicly fighting their disinformation with the truth a top priority.


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Photo Credit: Concierto de Batallon de Castigo

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