Don’t Swipe Money Meant for Foster Kids

Target: Bob Casey, Chair of U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Children and Families

Goal: Prohibit state agencies from apprehending federal benefits owed to foster children.

Affordable childcare became one of the big issues raised in the presidential debate. While the important question was largely ignored on the national stage, apparently many states are not doing much better when it comes to caring for some of their most vulnerable children. According to reports, the state of Washington has been routinely keeping money intended for thousands of foster children for itself. And they’re not alone. It’s estimated that nationwide, anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 foster kids (many with disabilities) are being deprived of federal benefits they are rightfully owed.

Reportedly, 44 of the 50 states received F grades for failing to protect these benefits. And only two states have laws that concretely ban state agencies from intercepting and diverting foster kids’ funds to use for their own purposes. Many times, children and guardians are never even notified that they are due these benefits.

This practice must decisively end. Sign the petition below to demand federal leaders take steps to protect the interests of children who have already endured so much.


Dear Senator Casey,

Across the country, tens of thousands of foster children are delivered benefits because of disabilities, because of deceased parents, or because of parents who have served in the military. Yet according to a troubling report, these funds are not reaching their rightful owners but instead are being diverted to state agencies who subsequently use them for funding purposes. A meager two states have incorporated prohibitions against this practice into their legal codes.

At a time when the rising cost of childcare is such a hot-button issue, it is overdue for this nation to take decisive steps to safeguard and secure its most vulnerable children. Please help introduce and support legislation that will ensure all foster children receive their rightful benefits.


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  1. No one should steal money from the poor and children. Those who do, including state and political officials needs to be taken to court and if found guilty they need to be fired to eat both the paper money along with the coins. Why? To make them sick. Paper may make them sick and the change will go in and may not come out so there may be an operation. But, no medical time off, no money as a benefit. They need to feel what it is like to have nothing, and be so sick yet have to pay for everything with no mercy. If they can steal from children then the hell with them. Make them suffer so they will not forget in the future.

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