Stop Standing in Way of Peace

Target: Linda Thomas-Greenfield, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Goal: Fulfill obligations as peaceful mediator in international disputes.

Conflict in the Middle East has resulted in violent clashes, kidnappings, acts of terror, mass displacement, and the deaths of thousands of civilians. The international community has increasingly called for peace. While the United States has worked for the same goals, recent actions are making a peaceful resolution more difficult.

Government officials have already bypassed Congressional approval and sent tank ammunition to the conflict zone. They are also reportedly mulling sending thousands of assault rifles overseas at a time when gun violence is a major issue at home. And recently, the United States was the only country to veto a resolution (supported by over 100 countries) put before the United Nations Security Council by the Secretary-General to call for a ceasefire in the region and a release of all hostages.

The United States should be working with other nations in this global body to fulfill its intended mission of bringing stability to the world. Sign the petition below to urge a new approach going forward.


Dear Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield,

The United Nations came into existence following World War II in an effort to stabilize international relations and to ensure violent global conflict never arose again. To fully function, it requires collaboration and partnership. The UN cannot fulfill its mission if certain members feel empowered to cast aside resolutions and policies simply because they can.

The recent veto of Article 99 demonstrated a lack of good faith by the United States and likely represented an abuse and flouting of power in the eyes of other nations. Moreover, it was a vote against peace…the cornerstone of the UN itself. When coupled with the infusion of weapons exports—disregarding any concerns or oversight—this nation is not establishing itself as a trustworthy global partner but rather as a supporter of violence as the primary solution.

Please stop defying and ignoring the will of global governing bodies like the UN Security Council and even the International Criminal Court. Work with these entities to bring peace and stability to the Middle East and well beyond.


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