Don’t Reward Congress for Causing Shutdowns

Target: Chuck Schumer, U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Support proposed measures to end threat of government shutdowns.

For the fourth time in the past decade, bickering lawmakers are poised to shut down the government. As a consequence, federal employees may go without pay, key government programs may go unfunded, and the economy will surely suffer. The individuals who will suffer the least, however, are the very so-called leaders responsible for the debacle. A growing number of lawmakers want to change that narrative.

Threats of a government shutdown are often used as political ploys for members of Congress to leverage and push their priorities by holding the American economy hostage. They can cause this catastrophic gridlock and then head home, happily going about their lives with no worries about getting paid. The proposed No Pay for Congress During Default or Shutdown Act would do exactly as the wording implies. If the government experiences a shutdown or a debt ceiling default, paychecks would be withheld for members of Congress for the duration of the problem. Another bill on the table—the Prevent Government Shutdowns Act of 2023—is a bipartisan effort that would fund the government in 14-day increments when a shutdown begins. Perhaps more consequentially, it would force Congress to stay in session every day (even during holidays) until a compromise is reached. Politicians would no longer be able to create a mess and then take a vacation.

Sign the petition below to support needed actions to prevent politicians from playing games with American lives.


Dear Senator Schumer,

With each subsequent government shutdown, the real losers are the American people. Average Americans are the ones experiencing the kitchen table economic effects, the uncertainties about their paychecks, and the further erosion of trust in their elected leaders. If you truly want to restore this trust, you will bring proposals like the Prevent Government Shutdowns Act and the No Pay for Congress During Default or Shutdown Act to the floor for a vote. More importantly, you will advocate for them on behalf of your constituents and all Americans.

If representatives of the people had to feel just a modicum of the same pain as the people, then these circumstances could very well change minds and hearts faster than any backroom deal.


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  1. I agree that politicians need to feel the same pain as the people they hurt due to not governing and acting like kids on a playground. Law makers are adults and need to act as adults. No pay for those involved in pushing for a shutdown!!! No wonder politicians are so ignorant and arrogant due to feeling no pain for their actions. Actually a small group of no more than 29 GOP’s seem to be responsible. They need to be put on notice they will be terminated if they don’t do their jobs of helping this country keep functioning.

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