Don’t Finance Genocide and Mass Displacement

Target: Xi Jinping, President of China

Goal: Help broker peaceful resolution to military coup and civil war in Myanmar.

Since Myanmar’s military seized control in a 2021 coup, over a million people in the region have been displaced. Dissidents, including the nation’s elected leader, have been imprisoned. And continuous reported war crimes—including suspected genocide of Rohingya minorities–are killing and endangering countless citizens. Despite the unrelenting oppression and violence, the world is largely looking away. And some nations are enabling the humanitarian crisis.

Since the coup began, the military regime has benefitted from one billion dollars-plus of weapons from other powerful countries. A United Nations report outlined the findings in stark terms: “these weapons, and the materials to manufacture more of them, have continued to flow uninterrupted to the Myanmar military despite overwhelming evidence of its responsibility for atrocity crimes.” Russia and China, especially the latter, have apparently fueled much of this support. Worse yet, these entities have played an active role at the United Nations in shielding Myanmar leaders from larger repercussions and more punishing sanctions.

China is putting political affiliations ahead of human rights, at the expense of an entire nation. Sign the petition below to urge this powerful global leader to use its influence in a better, life-saving way.


Dear President Xi,

“The Myanmar military’s relationships to Russian and Chinese arms suppliers are the backbone of the junta’s combat capabilities, without which its ability to hold on to the country’s center and urban areas would likely suffer substantially.” A United Nations report outlined the realities clearly. Chinese influence is helping prolong a humanitarian crisis, and Chinese influence could likewise play a critical role in ending it.

This nation has recently promoted itself as a peacemaker seeking “justice and fairness” in both the Russia/Ukraine and Israel/Palestine conflicts. Yet in the years-long battle where it could arguably make the most impactful difference, it remains silent and collusive. Meanwhile, millions remain displaced, schools and other civilian structures are mercilessly attacked, and the terror continues unchecked and supported.

Please end the arms infusion to the Myanmar junta and do not stand in the way of efforts to curtail this crisis. China has a responsibility as a global leader to lead the way with stability and peace, not cruel complicity.


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Photo Credit: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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