Don’t Let Special Interests Drive Nuclear Arms Decisions

Target: William A. Chambers, Executive Director of Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States

Goal: Prevent conflicts of interest on commission responsible for advising on American nuclear policy.

Nuclear arsenals appear to be on the increase in nations with already significant firepower such as Russia, China, and the United States. With global conflicts also unfortunately escalating, the worst-case scenarios are becoming more possible by the day. And the agency tasked with averting these disasters in America may not always be working in the nation’s best interests but rather in service to special interests.

The Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States (CCSPUS) is tasked with avoiding nuclear engagement, yet a full three-quarters of its twelve-person panel have conflicts that could call allegiances into question. Several members, including the vice-chair, have ties to nuclear arms defense contractors that stand to benefit from a beefing up of nuclear weaponry. Some members are employed at think tanks who lobby for expanded nuclear capabilities as well. Despite the potential profiteering that could underly many of the nation’s most crucial decisions, transparency remains elusive on this commission.

Sign the petition below to demand full disclosure on the individuals who should be keeping America safe from its most existential threats.


Dear Executive Director Chambers,

In a recent statement, you claimed that CCSPUS members are obliged to abide by ethics rule, but you refused to release a memo detailing these rules. Neither were details publicly disclosed about vice-chair Jon Kyl and his ties to Northrop Grumman, nor the eight other members who have potential conflicts of interest. As critics have stressed, the CCSPUS needs to be held to the same standards of transparency and honesty as the United States expects from any other entity seeking or building nuclear capabilities.

This commission will play an increasingly crucial role in matters not just of national importance but of global importance. Assure the people that the right priorities are coming first. Exercise full transparency and robust ethics enforcement for the individuals who help shape America’s nuclear future.


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