Articles written by: Sydney Shaffer

Hi! I'm Sydney, a writer and poet that resides in New York. I hope to make content that draws activists in and helps the cause. Let's be the change we all wish to see in the world!

Don’t Cancel Program That Financially Helps Young Artists

A summer program that helps New York State youth explore and learn more about the arts without financial burden has been cancelled. The governor has not come out with any details about why it was suspended, and it is not clear if the program will resume. Call on Governor Hochul to resume this essential program for the arts.

Enforce Stronger Security at Animal Shelter Where Puppy was Stolen

A four-month-old puppy was stolen from an animal care center by a man in a clown mask, in an ordeal caught on camera. She had just received surgery and needed medicine to fully recover. Demand authorities enforce stronger security measures.

Success: Details About Devastating Oil Spill Revealed to Affected Communities

Crucial details of a devastating oil spill have finally been revealed to the affected communities. Thanks to demands of the residents, they have been reassured that their health is not at risk. Thank the Environmental Protection Agency for listening to residents and revealing the details the affected community deserved.

Stop Drugging Small Animals and Forcing Them to Swim in Cruel Experiment

A pharmaceutical company is forcing small animals to swim for their lives. They are drugged, dropped into water, and must swim to save themselves from drowning. This test has been discredited by scientists and other pharmaceutical companies have banned it. Call on the CEO of Eli Lilly to immediately ban the “force to swim test.”

Stop Dumping Sewage and Agricultural Waste Into Rivers

Rivers between Wales and England are being polluted every day due to improper sewage disposal and agricultural techniques. Demand an immediate end to this pollution by enforcing stronger security and regulations on farming.

Demand the Removal of Music Video Showing Alleged Sexual Assault

A Marilyn Manson music video with nearly 32 million views allegedly depicts the rape and assault of an actress. Survivors and activists are urging its removal. The voices of survivors must be heard. We demand YouTube’s CEO remove the video permanently.

Stop Tradition of Polluting River With Toxic Dyes

Every year the Chicago River is dyed green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, using a product not proven to be safe for the river or wildlife. Activists have been fighting to put an end to this tradition that pollutes the water. Call on the mayor to keep the river safe and clean.

Get Rid of Dirty Power Plants Polluting Residents’ Air

Power plants are negatively affecting the health of New York City residents and their children. Authorities claim they can eliminate the polluting plants from their community by 2035, but that is too late. Call on the President and CEO of The New York Power Authority to act now.

End Funding of Anti-Gay Politicians

Disney is under fire after funding political supporters of homophobic legislation. Though the company issued a statement that it is on the side of the LGBTQ community, there are still reports that the funding has not been cut. Demand Disney’s CEO stop helping politicians who put an entire community’s safety at risk.

Mice Reportedly Starved and Scalded to Death at University Deserve Justice

Mice are allegedly being starved, abused, and neglected at University of Minnesota laboratories. An investigation claims that at least 47 violations of animal welfare laws occured. Call on the president of the university to ensure any employees responsible of abuse are fired.

Reveal Truth of Devastating and Fatal Oil Spill to Affected Community

An oil spill has killed nearly 2,000 animals and left the community concerned for their welfare. Full details about the extent of the spill are being withheld from those affected. Call on the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to inform the public of all details.

Protect Beluga Whales From Illness and Death at Aquarium

Two beluga whales have died at one Connecticut aquarium in less than a year. Six whales remain, with one being in bad health. Call on the CEO and President of Mystic Aquarium to provide proper care to the beluga whales.

End Sponsorship That Supports Reportedly Abusive Dog Race

Dogs are being put through seemingly extreme abuse in the Iditarod dog race. More than 150 dogs have died. They deserve freedom and safety. Demand an immediate end to a company’s sponsorship of the allegedly abusive dog race.

Demand Resignation of Secretary Who Made Homophobic Comments

Homophobic comments made by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary have sparked outrage. Her hateful tweets, including one comparing LGBTQ communities to “groomers,” criticized opponents of anti-LGBTQ legislation. Call on Governor DeSantis to fire her.

Provide LGBTQ Youth Access to Mental Health Resources

LGBTQ youth no longer have access to suicide prevention resources on The Texas Department of Health and Human Services website. The suicide rate for them is statically higher than for others not in the community and it is extremely dangerous to remove the resources that provide the community with safety and protection. Demand the website provide accurate information for LGBTQ youth suicide prevention hotlines.

Support and Protect Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Pets

Victims of domestic violence are more likely to stay in dangerous relationships if they have pets, as abusers may use the animal’s welfare as a bargaining chip. One piece of legislation can protect and support those in this situation. Demand funding and legal safeguards that will save many women and their pets from abuse.

Allow LGBTQ Groups to March in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

A St. Patrick’s Day Parade is banning LGBTQ groups from marching, even after nearby Manhattan lifted its ban. No one should be barred from this celebration due to beliefs based in hate and ignorance. Demand the head of the parade committee allow LGBTQ groups to march.

Ban Apparently Abusive Auction From Veterinarians’ Property

An allegedly abusive animal auction was hosted by two veterinarians. Footage appears to show workers striking multiple different animals at the event. Demand any upcoming auction be banned from the property and that the victims get justice.

Sledding Dog Reportedly Slammed to the Ground and Stomped on Deserves Justice

A dog at a sledding facility was reportedly abused on video by a current employee. These dogs are allegedly confined to their leashes and are not allowed to run-free. They deserve freedom and humane care. Demand a full investigation and the immediate firing of all employees that are found to be abusing the dogs.

Protect Transgender Youth and Families from Blatant Bigotry

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is pushing the idea that any gender affirming medical treatment is “child abuse.” He wants to investigate parents and have doctors, teachers, and the public report any instances they are aware of. Demand trans youth and their families be protected.

Success: Bear Who Broke Into Homes for Food Saved From Euthanasia

The bear who broke into multiple California homes has been saved from euthanasia. DNA samples showed that he was not the sole culprit, and it is safe to relocate him to a different part of the forest once captured. Thank the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for investigating, listening to the public demands, and saving Hank the Tank.

Success: Bobcat is Healthy and Safe After Reported Theft

The bobcat that was reportedly stolen from a farm is back safe and sound. The farm itself released video of Blanche the bobcat looking happy as ever. Thank the farm owner who took measures to ensure the safety and security of their animals after the alleged theft.

Don’t Euthanize Bear Named ‘Hank the Tank’ for Destroying Property in Search of Food

A 500-pound bear named Hank the Tank is being threatened with euthanasia because he is breaking into homes for food. The bear has not hurt any humans. Demand that he be relocated safely to a sanctuary and not killed.

Success: Transport of Monkeys for Experimentation Stopped

The flights that transport macaque monkeys to be used in experiments will be stopped, thanks to public outrage. Kenya Airlines will not be renewing their contract. Thank them for saving so many monkeys from cruelty and death.

Enforce Stronger Security at Animal Shelter After Puppy Was Reportedly Stolen

A 7-week-old puppy was reportedly stolen from an animal shelter just days after undergoing surgery. Thankfully, she was returned and is now safe, healthy, and up for adoption. Demand stronger security at the shelter to ensure nothing like this happens to any other animals.

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