Protect Beluga Whales From Illness and Death at Aquarium

Target: Dr. Stephen Coan, Mystic Aquarium President and CEO

Goal: Take proper measures to keep beluga whales in the aquarium safe and healthy.

Two beluga whales have died since being transferred from Canada to Connecticut’s Mystic Aquarium for use in a research project. After the death of the first whale, the aquarium had to address concerns that came up during an inspection. This included providing special accommodations for whales with vision issues and making sure the water quality was healthy.

Advocacy groups are disturbed by the news of a second whale dying, even calling it appalling that both whales died in less than a year. These groups are demanding an investigation be opened into the deaths of both whales. The Mystic Aquarium is home to six other beluga whales, including one that is currently in the intensive care unit.

Sign the petition below to demand the CEO and President of the Mystic Aquarium take the measures to ensure safety and care to the remaining beluga whales.


Dear Dr. Stephen Coan,

The news that two beluga whales have died at Mystic Aquarium is saddening and neither deserved such a fate. Mystic Aquarium needs to prevent this from happening again. With one out of the six whales still at the aquarium being in intensive care, it is urgent that you act now. It is always important to make sure your animals are provided with proper care to keep them healthy and alive. After both deaths happening in less than a year, we demand actions be taken immediately to keep the rest of the beluga whales safe and cared for.


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Photo Credit: Michael Johnston


  1. Disgusting that zoos and aquariums still continue to operate, “entertaining,” “educating” and “conserving.” They are just perpetuating the suffering and imprisonment of innocent wild animals who should be free in their own environments or in sanctuaries if unable to fend for themselves due to illness, injuries or dangerous environments. When will we learn? Humans can be so disappointing and then you hear about the three young wonderful Ukrainians who just crossed dangerous lines to feed animals in an abandoned shelter, succeeded in their mission, only to be gunned down by Russian soldiers just before reaching home.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    FREE the beluga whales, and ALL other cetaceans and mammals in captivity NOW. If you’re unwilling or unable to properly care for them, you have a moral and ethical obligation to surrender them to a sanctuary that can.

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