Enforce Stronger Security at Animal Shelter After Puppy Was Reportedly Stolen

Target: Shafonda Davis, Executive Director of Durham County Animal Shelter

Goal: Provide stronger security at animal shelter for safety of animals.

A 7-week-old German Shepherd-Boxer mix named Lazuli was reportedly stolen from the Durham County Animal Shelter by two men. It was caught on surveillance footage. The executive director stated everyone was worried about the puppy’s safety. She was fragile, small, and just spayed two days before allegedly being stolen. She was not able to receive her pain medication and the shelter worried that she was not being taken care of properly.

Three days after the puppy was stolen, photos of her and the men allegedly responsible were released to the public in hopes of finding her. A missing pet report was filed as well. That same day, one of the men apparently turned himself in and brought the puppy with him. According to the Durham County Sheriff’s office, the man was charged with larceny of a dog and was released on an unsecured bond. The shelter stated the puppy was returned safe and healthy.

Although Lazuli was returned safely and no harm was done, it is important to make sure nothing like this happens again. Enforcing stronger security at the shelter can help so that no other animal will go through a situation like this one. Sign below and demand that the shelter take the vital step of enforcing a strong security force.


Dear Shafaonda Davis,

It is a wonderful thing that Lazuli the puppy was safely returned to the shelter after reportedly being stolen and that immediate action was taken to find her. This story has a happy ending in large part due to the shelter’s swift response. However, having security measures already in place may ensure that nothing like this can happen again in the future.

To ensure the safety of the dogs and other animals at the shelter, we are demanding you enforce stronger security for the shelter.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Why in God’s name was a 7 week “young” puppy spayed?? That’s not even old enough to be weaned for crying out loud!! I’m all for spay/neuter, but I hope that part of story is wrong, because doing internal surgery on a puppy not even officially old enough to be off her mothers milk is risky, unnecessary, and cruel!! With that said, thank God the poor little Angel was returned, and is now safe, bless her heart!! 🙏💕

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