Success: Transport of Monkeys for Experimentation Stopped

Target: Michael Joseph, Chairman for Kenya Airways

Goal: Encourage the action taken by the Kenya Airways that made sure contract for the transport of monkeys used in experimentation will not be renewed.

A truck on its way to a lab in Pennsylvania crashed on the highway. Inside, authorities found around 100 monkeys being transported in small crates. This resulted in three missing monkeys from the crash being shot and killed from of the CDC. The macaque monkeys were being moved by Kenya Airlines, which has transported over a hundred monkeys in the past to labs to be used in experimentations. The public was outraged after this crash.

This ForceChange petition brought attention to the major issue of macaque monkeys being transported to be used for experiments, demanding that the harmful practice must be stopped. One of the main reasons it was so dangerous that this crash happened was that it happened during a worldwide pandemic. The monkeys could have been carrying diseases that could have infected many humans. On top of that, these monkeys were not in good conditions, and some were even killed due to the crash.

After it was revealed that the monkeys came over on Kenya Airlines, the chairman Michael Joseph wrote an email to PETA stating that the contract for transport of macaque monkeys will not be renewed when it expires at the end of this month. It is wonderful news that this will be stopped. Monkeys do not deserve to be subject to cruelty and held captive just to be flown places to be experimented on.

Sign below and thank Michael Joseph and Kenya Airlines for showing the public that they care about the monkeys by stopping the contract to transport them.


Dear Michael Joseph,

After the disturbing news of monkeys being flown on Kenya Airlines and transported to be used in experiments, we are happy to see the airline’s contact to do so has been discontinued. By not renewing the contract, you are saving many macaque monkeys from cruelty and their ultimate deaths. We thank you for putting a stop to this.


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Photo Credit: John Quine


  1. Loraine Pretorius says:

    Thank you that this has been stopped. Just hope that they don’t find another source and that the monkeys will now be protected. Shame on those laboratories they should be banned from using animals in their experiments.

  2. Ban animal experimentation internationally.

    • Michelle Taylor. I definately agree with your comment.
      “Ban animal experimentation internationally”.This sadism and evilness must be stopped and banned forever.

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Thank you, Mr. Joseph and Kenya Airlines, for stopping this heinous transport. Please make the ban PERMANENT, and please include ALL ANIMALS except for domestic pets in this ban. Your wildlife is your wealth. The world needs these animals in Kenya.

  4. Michael Joseph, Chairman for Kenya Airways

    Action must be taken immediately by the Kenya Airways that made sure contract for the transport of monkeys used in experimentation will not be renewed.The precious and innocent Monkeys must be protected and never to be experimented on ever. They are sentient beings who must not be experimented on.

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