Sledding Dog Reportedly Slammed to the Ground and Stomped on Deserves Justice

Target: Gina and Danny Phillips, owners of Krabloonik Dog Sledding

Goal: Stop the abuse reportedly going on at Krabloonik dog sledding facility.

A dog was allegedly abused at the Krabloonik dog sledding facility. In a six-minute video, a man, seemingly identified as Paul Staples, appears to hit, stomp on, and slam a dog into the ground. Currently, an arrest warrant is waiting to be approved in which Staples would be possibly facing misdemeanor animal abuse charges. There is an open investigation into the video and the facility itself.

Two former employees have come forward to say the facility does not treat its dogs right. They allege that the animals are not able to run free in the summer, a nd are mostly confined to leashes during off seasons.

Let the dogs run free and do not subject them to the alleged neglect and cruelty of the facility. Sign below and demand the immediate firing of all employees that are found to be abusing dogs in their care.


Dear Gina and Danny Phillips,

The alleged abuse taking place at your dog sledding facility needs to be stopped. The video of Nikolai seemingly being abused by an employee is damning evidence. No animals deserve such terrible treatment. The dogs at your facility deserve to be free during winter and summer. They should not be confined to leashes for a long amount of time as former employees have reported.

We demand freedom and safety for the dogs at the Krabloonik Dog Sledding.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Kazisdaman


  1. Milantia Roy says:

    Gina and Danny Phillips,


  2. Abolish dog sledding! Fire and jail the employees who harmed the dogs.

  3. These vile,mentally deranged animal abusers must have the death penalty implemented.I am ready,willuing and able to help perform this procedure!! Oh yesss!!!

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