Mice Reportedly Starved and Scalded to Death at University Deserve Justice

Target: President Joan T.A. Gabel, University of Minnesota President

Goal: Fire staff who allegedly failed to follow animal welfare regulations.

An investigation by PETA claims that nearly 50 federal animal cruelty violations have occured in University of Minnesota laboratories. Instances of alleged abuse include two mice being scalded to death after being left in a hot cage, others not being fed for nearly four days and requireing emergency veterinarian procedures, a mouse discovered alive in a euthanasia bag, and 151 mice being subjected to painful and unproved amputations of their tails. Not only do the animal experiments at these laboratories need to be stopped, but any staff found to be guilty of inflicting abuse must suffer consquences. We demand that President Joan T.A. Gabel ensure any staff found responsible are fired and not allowed to have contact with animals at the university.

Sign the petition below to ensure the right people are held responsible for the any abuse occurring at University of Minnesota laboratories.


Dear President Gabel,

Reports of animal abuse by staff at University of Minnesota laboratories indicate behavior that is not only horrifyin, but illegal. PETA claims numerous violations of federal animal welfare laws are occuring, and that the laboratories are engaging in abuse and killings of innocent animals. A failure to take immediate action will demonstrate the public that the university does not care about the welfare of animals. We demand the staff accused of these violations be fired and prevented from having future contact with animals.


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  1. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    I think it’s time that all universities be banned from testing and torturing animals they don’t need to anymore just like any other labs they don’t need live animals anymore stealing monkeys from their families keeping them in cages forever and ever boy would I love to keep those humans in cages forever and ever and give them a dose… I think there needs to be more petitions to shut these University Labs down

  2. This sounds like a university with time and money to waste on useless and depraved nonessential and ridiculous experiments ‘just to see what happens’ if animals are deliberately abused. Heads up, they suffer. There is no excuse for torturing animals when computer modeling and other methods can give quicker and better results – and you know it. And we all know that under 5% of animal experiments fail and are for nothing, and you know that too. Be responsible, be ethical, be smart and quit torturing animals for fun.

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