Ban Apparently Abusive Auction From Veterinarians’ Property

Target: Dr. Steven and Dr. Melissa Matthews, owners of Vale Veterinary Hospital

Goal: Ban the allegedly abusive Shelby Alternative Livestock Auction from being held on animal doctors’ property.

PETA claims to have documented animal cruelty at a 2021 exotic-animal auction hosted by the owners of Vale Veterinary Hospital. The abuse allegedly included workers of Shelby Alternative Livestock slamming a baby goat’s head into metal fencing, hitting animals with poles, and kicking them. Goats were said to be seen being held by their horns. It is also reported that some of the animals looked starved, with their ribs and bones clearly protruding.

This event took place on property that the vets own, leaving many outraged that veterinarians who are meant to keep animals safe and healthy would allow such abuse.  Condemn all parties involved in the alleged cruelty.


Dear Dr. Steven and Dr. Melissa Matthews,

No animals deserve the abuse that allegedly took place at the auction you hosted in 2021. Many animals are reported to have been outright harmed by workers, and it is not okay to turn a blind-eye. As veterinarians, your job to keep animals safe and healthy–and this flies in the face of this event being allowed to take place on your property. Alongside PETA, we urge you to ban the auction from ever happening again. The animals at the auction deserve justice and saved.


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  1. Myrna Burdick says:

    Your alledged lack of appropriate behavior as Veterinarians is
    very disturbing. It sounds to me that you work for the either the Dept of Agriculture or the military -both of which brutalize

  2. Someone go in & take theses animals! This is really disgusting! Theses are people who are suppose to help animals!

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This veterinarian should be investigated, all animals in this auction seized, his license to practice revoked in ALL states IMMEDIATELY. He should also be BANNED from ever purchasing, owning, caring for, living with or working with any animals ever again.

  4. Lisa Allis says:

    Many vets don’t care about animals. It is very ironic.

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