Success: Details About Devastating Oil Spill Revealed to Affected Communities

Target: Michael S. Regan, Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Encourage the action taken by the Environmental Protection Agency that released crucial details to the affected residents of an oil spill.

A diesel fuel leak occurred in Clinton County, Ohio and residents were left in the dark about what exactly happened. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claimed 23,000 gallons of fuel contaminated the creek and that the tank was not properly sealed, which led to the spill. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources confirmed 2,000 animals died. This and other details were not disclosed to the residents of Clinton County, who felt lied to and demanded answers from the EPA about the full extent of the spill.

This ForceChange petition brought attention to the worries of residents and demanded the EPA reveal all the details of the spill to the affected community. These people deserved to know exactly what happened and how the aftermath would affect their lives. The EPA listened to the demands, and, alongside the Clinton County Health Department, they urged residents to stay away from the creek. They confirmed the number of animals that died as well and revealed there is no “health risk” to public drinking water. The Health Department will take samples from any private water-wells of the residents to make sure it is clear to use. The cleanup of the creek may last through spring.

Sign below and thank Michael S. Regan and the Environmental Protection Agency for showing the residents of Clinton County that they care about their worries regarding potential health risks for affected communities.


Dear Administrator Regan,

After countless demands from residents wanting to know the full extent of the oil spill in their county, we are happy details were revealed. By reassuring the residents that there is no health risk, it shows that they were listened to. The residents deserved to know that they were safe after such a devastating oil spill. We thank you for providing details and reassurance that the affected communities were in need of and deserved to know.


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Photo Credit: Craig Stihler

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  1. 23,000 gallons of diesel fuel are NOT a health risk?!!! Who are the EPA kidding? There will be a health risk for ages after a fuel spill. It seems like the citizens in the area were placated and told what they wanted to hear. 2000 animals killed? And who knows how many creatures that live in or use the river? What a disaster!!

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