Success: Legal System Takes Pride in Defeating Discrimination

Target: Dara Adkison, Board Secretary for TransOhio

Goal: Support potential rollback of law that would ban gender-affirming care for transgender youth.

An average of 200 bills targeting transgender individuals are introduced in state legislatures annually. While many of these bills ultimately do not stand up to legal scrutiny and are blocked, the consequences for community members—especially youth—in the regions where these discriminatory measures are codified into law can be devastating. Mental health crises, abuse, and even jail time are among the worst outcomes. This ForceChange petition and its signees called for an end to the legalized hostilities. In one state, the advocacy for equality is making meaningful strides.

In just one year’s time, the Ohio state legislature has introduced five anti-LGBTQ+ bills. Politicians have attempted to criminalize drag shows and have taken aim at transgender youth in the restroom, on the sports field, at school, and even in the doctor’s office. The last target could be especially harmful, as transgender youth would be deprived of the medical and emotional support that can prevent tragedy.

One particular bill, which would ban gender-affirming healthcare in all circumstances, was vetoed by the governor but ultimately pushed through by a legislature determined to invade the privacy and dictate the lives of these youth. Many affected families began immediate plans for relocation, and legal challenges followed soon thereafter. Now, the challenge has paid dividends.

The bill, which was scheduled to become law, has been placed on hold indefinitely. Sign the petition below to support the continued resistance against hateful and prejudicial state dictates forced upon citizens by power-hungry politicians.


Dear Secretary Adkison,

“The intense amount of personal and community trauma that is being inflicted by the government right now and putting these families through who just love their kids is so cruel.” You had these strong words for the passage of a bill banning gender-affirming care in Ohio. But now, thanks to tireless activism from individuals like you, this law may soon join the hundreds of other such efforts across the nation destined for the graveyard of legalized discrimination.

Thank you for being the voice of the often voiceless.


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Photo Credit: Shora Simazaki

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  1. We are ALL humans. We are people and we are alike. People need people like the old song says. We do. Each of us wants to be accepted, cared for, respected, and the list goes on. Yet sometimes due to a difference between us some unite to make the outside person miserable, enough so to take his life in some cases. We hide from our part in creating such misery as to force suicide as a last resort. Yet we are guilty. We helped murder someone who was simply trying to live. That memory never goes away as it follows us to our grave. If you were the outsider what would you want done to you? No living being wants to suffer cruelty. No one wants to live in fear ro misery. Often death seems the better choice. Karma will get us.

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