Success: Dangerous Pesticide Linked to Brain Damage in Kids Will No Longer be Produced

The dangerous and highly controversial pesticide chlorpyrifos will no longer be produced by the largest manufacturer of the chemical, Corteva. This victory comes after years of advocates working to keep this product off the shelves due to its link to brain damage in children. Applaud Corteva for deciding to stop producing chlorpyrifos.

Success: Former Research Chimpanzees Set Free

Twenty chimpanzees have been set free in a nature preserve after spending years of their lives cooped up in a lab, meant to be used for experiments. Even after the government stopped the use of chimpanzees as test subjects, the animals spent five years in wait as the lab debated whether or not to let them go. Sign this petition to thank them for finally letting these creatures live the life of freedom they deserve.

Success: Facebook Prohibits Invasive Facial Recognition Software

Facebook has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Clearview AI, a facial recognition software company that uses social media to mine data and invade the privacy of internet users. This practice has reportedly been used to assist law enforcement and could pose harm to those who maintain their privacy for personal reasons. Praise Facebook for forbidding this invasive practice.

Success: Eel Smuggler Found Guilty

A seafood salesman has been found guilty of smuggling millions of endangered eels over a two-year period as part of the illegal eel trade going on between the UK and certain Asian countries. Sign this petition to thank the Crown Prosecution Service for seeking justice in this case.

Success: Epidemic-Preventing and Child-Saving Vaccines Endorsed

The state at the center of the last major American outbreak has shielded its youngest citizens from the “anti-vaxxer” threat with required vaccinations in public schools. This will mandate vaccinations that combat measles and other dangerous health conditions. Applaud the prioritization of children’s health over unproven, unscientific claims.

Success: Logging in Australia’s Fire-Ravished Forests Banned

Victoria’s supreme court has banned logging company VicForests from cutting down any more trees in the central highlands to protect various wildlife species, thanks to a case opened by environmental group Wotch. In the wake of the recent bush fires, this is a much-needed move to heal some of the damages and prevent further ones. Sign this petition to thank environmental activists for their efforts in stopping this company.

Success: Unjustly Detained Moroccan Journalist Released From Jail

A Moroccan journalist renowned for exposing corruption has been released from jail, where he was being detained unjustly for criticizing a judge. Sign this petition to praise the compassion of the Moroccan official responsible.

Success: Energy Company Negotiates With Indigenous Canadians

Negotiations are set to begin between Canadian First Nations peoples and the energy company intruding on their land, marking a hopeful success. Sign this petition to praise the company for agreeing to respect the dignity and autonomy of Indigenous peoples.

Success: China to Ban Single-Use Plastics

China plans to ban single-use plastic products by 2025, joining many European countries and American states in their fight to stop plastic pollution from destroying the planet. This is a huge step forward in saving our oceans and wildlife from total ruin. Sign this petition to thank the country’s Minister of Ecology and Environment for issuing this ban.

Success: Innocent Victims of Animal Cruelty Protected

Ontario, once the site of urgent animal welfare lapses, has now become a benchmark in the fight against animal cruelty. New laws will bolster the apprehension and punishment of cruel offenders. Applaud this important win for animal welfare.

Success: Cruel Wildlife Killing Contests Banned

Wild animals will no longer be hunted as part of promotional or profit-driven incentives, thanks to the recent ban on wildlife killing contests. These privately sponsored contests offered cash prizes or incentives to the so-called hunters who brought in the largest prey. Thank those who took a stand for animal rights.

Success: Endangered Kakapo’s Population Increased Through Conservation  

The endangered kakapo has experienced a population increase due to multiple targeted conservation programs. Scientists have implemented captive breeding programs to help these struggling birds and tracking efforts to ensure their health and safety. Thank those who have dedicated their time and effort to saving this species.

Success: Addictive, Illness-Causing E-Cigarettes Banned

A ban on most flavored e-cigarettes will likely diminish the use of these harmful devices among youth and other vulnerable populations. This ban constitutes the first strong federal offense against an industry accused of enabling addiction and serious health problems. Applaud this needed protection for consumer health.

Success: Smoking Age Raised to Protect Children

The legal smoking age has been raised to 21 in a landmark victory for consumer health and the environment. This will hopefully decrease nicotine and smoking addiction among minors across America. Sign this petition to thank one of the four senators who made this possible.

Success: Child-Separating Detention Center Closes

Fewer kids will spend the holidays separated from their families after a prison-like detention center’s closure. While this is just one of many immigrant detention centers across the country, it is a victory for immigrant rights and a step in the right direction. Applaud the decision that spared thousands of children the trauma and indignity of living like criminals.

Success: President Trump Impeached

President Trump has finally been impeached by the House for high crimes and misdemeanors. For years, this man has made living in the U.S. dangerous as he encouraged racism, hunted down immigrants, and let polluters destroy the environment. Thank lawmakers for voting to have him removed from power.

Success: European Union Halts Greenwashing

The European Parliament has prevented fossil fuels from being listed as sustainable, ensuring a clearer path to a green future. The compromise will require governments and investors to be more transparent about where their fuels come from and the impact they will have, while ensuring that green energies get priority. Congratulate the European Union on this significant success for a cleaner world.

Success: Guam Rail Saved From Extinction

A once-abundant bird has successfully recovered enough to be reintroduced to the wild after effectively going extinct. Although the Guam rail still has a long road to full recovery, this is a great success for animal conservationists and supporters of the environment. Praise the efforts of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and their partners in restoring this precious species.

Success: Several Species Saved From the Brink of Extinction

The previously extinct-in-the-wild Guam rail has finally made a comeback thanks to the efforts of captive breeding programs. The flightless bird had been declared extinct over a decade ago, but it is hoped that with strong enough protection the species will once again thrive. Thank the Guam Department of Agriculture for their tireless efforts.

Success: Insurance Withheld from New Coal Projects

New coal projects are effectively dead in the water thanks to British insurance companies who are refusing to cover them. This marks a victory for sustainable energy and hastening the death of one of the worst pollutants in the world. Praise the United Kingdom’s efforts to drop coal and build a greener future.

Success: Planned Parenthood Combats Abstinence-Only Sex Education

Roo, a free chatbot program developed by Planned Parenthood, has provided sex education to teens and young adults who have nowhere else to turn. With abstinence-only programs taking funding precedence over comprehensive sex education, this accessible alternative could save lives. Thank those who are providing education and comfort to this vulnerable population.

Success: Toxic Polluting Diesel Emissions Banned

A severely polluted UK city is leading the way in the fight against poisonous air pollution with a ban on diesel-powered motor vehicles. Applaud this important stand against pollutants that threaten the environment and public health.

Success: Couple Who Reportedly Dragged Horse Behind Truck Face Charges   

A horse was dragged behind a moving truck and those reportedly responsible have been charged with animal cruelty. Originally labeled as “normal ranching activity,” this apparently cruel action has sparked outrage and concern for the welfare of this animal and others in the ranching industry. Thank those who brought these charges and took a stand for animal welfare.

Success: India’s Cities Must Address Air Pollution

All people have the right to clean air, and state governments must take action, according to India’s supreme court. The World Health Organization made this ruling possible by fighting for the rights of India’s citizens to breathe freely. Thank the WHO for their strong efforts.

Success: Animal Cruelty Offenders Face Federal Fines and Imprisonment

Animal cruelty is now officially banned across the United States, as President Trump has signed the federal document. The recognition of the link between cruelty to animals and crimes against humans played a major role in this ban. Thank those responsible for making the country safer for animals.

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