Success: EPA Corks Coal Industry’s Toxic Waste-Water

Coal plants won a free pass to pollute our waterways in the waning days of the Trump administration, but crucial public health protections have now been restored. Celebrate this win for people and wildlife.

Success: Wasteful Trump Water Rule Washed Away

A non-sensical proposal for souped-up showerheads has been eliminated. Applaud this re-prioritization of water conservation and environmental wellness over reckless wastefulness.

Success: Voting Rights Defended and Enforced

Voting rights in the U.S. are under attack at levels not seen since the Civil Rights Movement. America’s top lawyer wants to take on these injustices. Applaud his stand against voter suppression and disenfranchisement.

Success: Keystone XL Pipeline Permanently Shut Down

The Keystone XL pipeline has been permanently terminated. After 12 long years of fighting, the environment across North America is safe from the devastating effects of this unnecessary project. Sign this petition to thank the company for finally ending the controversial pipeline.

Success: Juneteenth Recognized as National Holiday

America’s liberation from the shackles of slavery will finally be acknowledged with a federal holiday. Applaud the designation of Juneteenth as a national day of remembrance.

Success: Destructive Drilling Suspended in the Arctic Wilderness

The arctic is safe once again from the devastating effects of oil and gas drilling. A momentous decision from the White House has protected this delicate landscape. Thank the Biden administration for suspending drilling leases in the far north.

Success: Disgusting Dog Fighting Practice Targeted By Lawmakers

A particularly depraved form of dog cruelty will now receive the condemnation and punishment it deserves. New Jersey has made animal trunk fighting a felony. Thank the leaders who took a stand against barbarity for profit.

Success: Leading Executioner State Abolishes Death Penalty

Virginia will soon join 22 other U.S. states in ending the death penalty. This form of punishment fit for medieval times puts the power of life and death in government hands and disproportionately claims the lives of minorities. Applaud the first Southern state to say, “no more.”

Success: Protection for Migratory Birds Restored

Ex-president Trump removed the laws protecting migratory birds in the United States. President Biden has reinstated these vital environmental protection laws and honored the 1916 treaty between Canada and the US. Thank the Biden administration for their dedication to conservation.

Success: Leaders Unite Behind Clean and Safe Water

Tainted drinking water and dangerously unregulated wastewater have harmed public health in communities countrywide. United support from Congressional leaders could soon change these fortunes for the better. Applaud needed investments in America’s water infrastructure.

Success: Police Chief Resigns After Death of Daunte Wright

A police chief who defended tear gassing peaceful protesters and who minimized the tragic death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright has resigned in the face of public pressure. Celebrate this successful removal of a cop who has no place as a public servant.

Success: Police Force Commits to Preventing Abuse of Power

The Lethbridge police force faced serious allegations of abuse of power. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of their chief, they have come forth with an action plan to rectify their mistakes. Praise those who have taken steps to move forward in the right direction.

Success: City Bans Herbicide That Kills People and Environment

The toxic herbicide glyphosate has been banned from one Canadian city, preserving the health of both people and the environment. Praise those who are making these changes and saving our future.

Success: Chauvin Found Guilty of All Charges in Death of George Floyd

The death of George Floyd stirred America and the world. A guilty verdict against his accused killer, Derek Chauvin, has brought some measure of justice. Applaud the vigilant prosecution of this explosive case.

Success: Major Biden Gets Another Chance After Biting Incident

President Biden’s dog Major was involved in two biting incidents that threatened his safety. Now, training sessions are to be held in Washington to correct Major’s behavior. Sign this petition to thank the Bidens for giving their dog another chance.

Success: Rights of All American Students Affirmed

Predators who manipulate and exploit America’s education system could finally face a day of reckoning. Applaud essential progress made in the fight against education fraud, harassment, and discrimination.

Success: Action Taken to Save Infants From Harmful Foods

Infants are exposed to poisoned and improperly labeled baby foods due to a lack of regulation. Thanks to proposed legislation, this concern can be a thing of the past. Sign this petition to applaud the Baby Food Safety Act of 2021.

Success: Canadian Rockies Temporarily Safe From Coal Mining Devastation

The Rocky Mountains are safe from coal mining exploitation for the time being. Thank the people responsible for temporarily halting unsound operations, and encourage them to further protect this magnificent mountain range.

Success: Youngest Americans Protected From Poverty and Homelessness

One in six children live in extreme poverty…and these estimates were calculated before the onslaught of a global pandemic. Promising provisions in the newest U.S. rescue plan could help change the narrative in America. Applaud these efforts to end another epidemic plaguing the country.

Success: Vital Protections for Wild Birds Restored

Countless migratory and endangered birds were put at risk by former President Trump. Now, the Biden administration has protected these vulnerable creatures once more. Sign this petition to praise Biden’s actions to defend migrating birds.

Success: Leaders Take Up the Fight for Voting Rights

Voting rights are under constant attack in America. Promising actions taken by the president and Congressional leaders could soon change this troubling narrative. Applaud key wins in the war against voter suppression.

Success: Wolves Potentially Saved From Cruel and Horrific Death Due to Strychnine

The brutal and cruel killing of wolves with strychnine may soon be banned, thanks to Canada’s Health Ministry. Sign this petition to thank those undertaking this important battle and encourage further success.

Success: General Motors Pledges All-Electric Vehicles Fleet

Electric vehicles are now an integral part of the national conversation about climate change. General Motors has pledged to replace its gasoline-powered cars and SUVS with this clean technology. Applaud this important inflection point in the battle against pollution and climate change.

Success: The LGBTQ Community is Protected from Housing Discrimination

Housing is now within reach for millions more Americans thanks to the expansion of anti-discrimination rules protecting LGBTQ individuals and couples. Sign the petition to thank the Biden Administration for standing up for LGBTQ rights.

Success: Construction of Trump’s Border Wall Comes to a Screaming Halt

Construction on the border wall between Mexico and the U.S. has been put to a stop. Now plans for restoration are in the works. Sign this petition to applaud Biden for heeding the call to stop this treacherous project from seeing completion.

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