Success: Suspect Apprehended in Case of Chickens Reportedly Brutally Killed on Church Property

Target: Bill Brown, Santa Barbara County, CA Sheriff

Goal: Support apprehension and arrest of juvenile suspect in animal cruelty case.

The reportedly brutal bludgeoning of four chickens on a California church property caused widespread outrage. Members of the Isla Vista Community Services District even held a memorial service for the lost hens, who were named Siracha, Speckles, Shadow, and Sunshine. This ForceChange petition echoed calls from community members for justice in this disturbing case. Now, thanks to such tireless efforts, a suspect has been apprehended.

According to reports, an anonymous tip brought a 14-year-old boy to the attention of authorities. Based on evidence collected in the case, the suspect was arrested. His case will now play out in juvenile court. If this boy is found guilty, he can now get the help he needs before any more innocent living beings suffer.

Sign the petition below to thank the Santa Barbara County police department for their due diligence.


Dear Sheriff Brown,

“Our chickens were not just animals, but cherished members of our community. They brought us joy and companionship, and their loss will be deeply felt.” The individuals who cared for the four animals reportedly bludgeoned to death at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church spoke for many animal lovers greatly disturbed at the violence allegedly inflicted. Thank you for staying with this case and seeing it through until a suspect was apprehended and an arrest made.

Your proactive approach may have prevented future tragedies.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. This 14 year old boy is aa mentally troubled kid. He needs to face what he did and always remember he brutally killed innocent animals. Why? A video? Or just pure evil? If the kids can be helped it would mean he would not kill again. More times than not the parents swear there were no signs, our legal system is broken so the boy goes free with a couple of sessions of talk therapy. Then years down the road he does this to people and other animals. He will kill children, women, anyone. The church will forgive but will this kid have a change of heart and be part of society or do worse in the future?

  2. goh maria says:

    Animal abuser/killer should never be pardoned. This devil’s boy is pure evil, no empathy, no compassion, no soul …he slaughtered 4 precious lives in coldblood. He should be monitored closely for the rest of his miserable life because he is dangerous and he is a sadist.

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