Success: Irresponsible Climate Policies Taken to Court

Target: Letitia James, New York Attorney General

Goal: Commend legal actions taken against global producer of massive greenhouse gas emissions.

As detailed in this ForceChange petition and this petition, the impact of both the fossil fuel and agricultural industries on the climate crisis cannot be understated. Now the civil legal realm is attempting to hold some of the biggest offenders to account. Both justice leaders and everyday citizens have joined the fight.

Several class action climate-related lawsuits have been brought against the fossil fuel industry, in states ranging from Montana to New Jersey. One recent suit was brought by members of an Appalachian community devastated by a deadly flooding event. Kentucky citizens sued Pine Branch Mining for allegedly failing to clean up a coal mine that sat uphill from their community. When massive flooding occurred, the contaminated water reportedly sieged the community.

A separate lawsuit, invoked by New York’s attorney general, takes on the world’s biggest meat producer, JBS. The lawsuit charges that the giant has massively misled consumers about climate-related goals. As a major producer of beef—one of the planet’s top culprits in greenhouse gas emissions—the company is already a massive contributor to the climate crisis. Yet it casts itself as a responsible steward of conservation. If successful, this lawsuit could expose that disconnect while holding highly-polluting industries’ feet to the fire.

Sign the petition below to support legal efforts that could pay big dividends for the planet’s future.


Dear Attorney General James,

Greenwashing has become a deceptive trend in the fossil fuel industry, as companies try to cleanse themselves of their part in the climate crisis while casting themselves as misunderstood heroes. Thank you for exposing this practice for what it is by confronting one of the world’s biggest offenders: JBS. This organization has seemingly built its global brand by lying to consumers and by doubling down on practices doing irreparable harm to Earth.

May this case finally lead to long-needed reform and accountability for the planet’s top greenhouse gas emitters.


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  1. I am so grateful for the legal system to finally take these corporations to trial. These businesses made money form consumers, yet did nothing to stop the harm they were causing, knowingly causing, in the name of profit! All for corporations showing this harm was caused by them need to forfeit those higher prices to righting their wrongs. Fine them beyond what they collected in bad faith. Money is the only thing which hurts these corporations. HURT THEM!!! This needs to be the first of millions collected to help this country regain what these fools took. They brashly took what they didn’t earn and that is yet another crime … stealing! No mercy for these jerks.

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