Success: Eagle Conservation Scores Major Win

Target: Jesse Laslovich, U.S. Attorney for Montana

Goal: Commend prosecution of individuals accused of poaching bald and golden eagles.

Eagles have historically faced many threats, as noted by this ForceChange petition. They are among the countless wildlife killed every year because of illegal for-profit poaching. Now, at least two alleged poachers will face the music.

In a precedent-setting indictment coming out of Montana, Simon Paul and Travis Branson have been charged with killing over 3,600 birds over a six-year span and selling their body parts (including tails, feathers, and whole carcasses) on the black market. The charges carry with them a possible decade of prison time for each defendant as well as significant financial penalties. The men are accused of violating a federal law called the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, as many of the involved birds were eagles who resided around the Flathead Indian Reservation.

Strict enforcement of this law is a boon for conservation efforts because the bald eagle—which is no longer considered endangered—is a major success and sign of hope for at-risk species. Sign the petition below to applaud a development that should help reinforce the fight for all endangered animals.


Dear U.S. Attorney Laslovich,

The indictment of two men for allegedly violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act thousands of times is an important step forward for legal enforcement and for animal conservation. The case serves as a warning to all poachers and would-be poachers that their illegal activities will be met with decisive action. More importantly, this indictment demonstrates a commitment to exercising every avenue for protecting at-risk species from extinction.

Thank you for giving this important case the attention it deserves.


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Photo Credit: Pixabay


  1. These men should face the music. And the music needs to last for many years. Take their bank accounts, put leans on their abodes, have them be forced to pay high fines and send them off to prison by playing the Death March. These men have killed so many eagles and birds in pursuit of profit. Do not allow these4 perps to get away with this. As Harry Truman would say … “Give ‘em hell Harry!”

  2. Jennifer Lockett says:

    Humans will do anything for money. It isn’t advisable. Why do something so cruel? Greed tends to catch up with people. Look for the story about people who were so greedy they followed a clearly deranged man into the woods to dig up gold. They died. Instead of being happy with what they have they wanted more. Avarice like that? Leads to sadness. Just like this. Prison for them both. Hope it was worth it. I’m guessing it won’t be though. Prison probably sucks, especially those with other men inside. Where all shit rolls downhill.

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