Success: Olympic Values Upheld and Defended

Target: Thomas Bach, President of International Olympic Committee

Goal: Support stronger actions against nations that violate Olympic ideals.

As training and preparations begin for the next Summer Olympics, the global event meant to bring the world together is once again taking place amidst deep geopolitical tensions. The committee that oversees the four-year spectacle has often come under fire for ignoring or enabling human rights abuses by participating countries…and sometimes by host nations themselves. This ForceChange petition and its signers called on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to take a bolder stand, and the continued calls to action are paying off.

For one, the IOC acted after the Russian Anti-Doping Agency seemingly tried to sweep the case of a young Russian figure skater (the alleged victim of doping) under the rug. The IOC brought the case before an international arbitration court in order to secure a more just outcome for all involved athletes. The committee has also completed a task that it failed to complete when Russia “annexed” parts of Ukraine several years ago. After the Russian Olympic Committee attempted to incorporate four occupied Ukrainian territories following Russia’s most recent invasion, the IOC suspended the Russian committee from future events. This move deprives the Russian sports machine of millions of dollars in funding while not adversely impacting innocent athletes who can still compete neutrally.

Sign the petition below to encourage more decisive stances from the IOC.


Dear Mr. Bach,

“The unilateral decision taken by the Russian Olympic Committee on 5 October 2023 to include, as its members, the regional sports organisations which are under the authority of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Ukraine (namely Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia) constitutes a breach of the Olympic Charter… It violates the territorial integrity of the NOC of Ukraine, as recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in accordance with the Olympic Charter.” After the ROC’s suspension, the action was met with approval by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who applauded respect for “the territorial integrity of nations” and warned against “using the Olympic movement as a weapon.”

Thank you for making this decision and for recent steps to rectify doping scandals. Please continue ensuring that this global gathering represents the best of humanity.


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