Success: Permit for Cancer Causing Plastics Factory Suspended

The development of a toxic plastic factory has been put on hold, thanks to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This project would have disturbed wetlands and unmarked graves of formerly enslaved people as well as furthered the environmental impact of polluting plastics. Sign this petition to praise this success.

Success: City Reservoir & Drinking Water Protected from Fracking

After public outcry and a petition on ForceChange, plans to frack near the LaDue Reservoir have been scrapped. Applaud Akron, OH mayor and city council for putting public health before profit.

Success: Muslim and Transgender Ban Abolished by Biden

Visitors can once again travel to the United States regardless of their faith, and soldiers are no longer being punished for their gender identity. Applaud the reversal of hurtful bans that discriminated against millions of people.

Success: Oil and Gas Drilling Prevented on Federal Lands and Oceans

President Joe Biden has issued an executive order to halt oil and gas leasing on federal lands and oceans. This is a major victory in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the climate and ecological crisis. Sign this petition to applaud Biden for keeping his climate promise.

Success: Biden Suspended Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Sales of bombs that might have been dropped on Yemeni civilians have been suspended by the Biden administration. This may be the first step toward pulling U.S. support from the war in Yemen. Sign this petition to applaud Biden and encourage him to terminate the sales completely.

Success: Joe the Pigeon Saved from Death Sentence

Joe the Pigeon, once sentenced to death, has been spared. Thank the Australian government for listening to the public and saving the bird’s life.

Success: False Charges Against Amazon Firefighters Dropped

Firefighters in charge of saving the Amazon rainforest were arrested on false accusations of setting the blazes to receive donations. The destruction of the Amazon has significant global implications, and the people who fight it are heroes. Sign this petition to applaud the release of these innocent, and brave, firefighters.

Success: U.S. Rejoins Paris Climate Accord

The United States has reteamed with the world in a collective and unified effort to end the threat of climate change. Applaud President Biden’s commitment to cut carbon emissions that endanger the entire planet.

Success: Honeybees Are Being Saved From Murder Hornets

A full-on war is being waged against the Asian giant hornets, also known as murder hornets. These invasive killers can mercilessly decapitate entire colonies of honeybees in a matter of hours. Applaud the dedicated efforts of those who are vigilantly working to protect the defenseless bees.

Trump - Gage Skidmore

Success: President Trump Impeached for Incitement of Insurrection

President Trump has been impeached for a second time after inciting a mob to overtake the chambers of Congress with deadly violence. Support this essential safeguarding of American democracy.

Success: Canada Has Banned Assault-Style Weapons

Assault rifles and other deadly weapons will be removed from Canadian streets, allowing citizens to rest easy. These weapons will no longer be available for madmen to use against innocent people in the deadly mass shootings that ravage our communities. Thank the Prime Minister of Canada for prohibiting them.

Success: Endangered Corals and Reef Habitats Protected

Coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea that have been decimated by climate change and other human destruction will be granted critical habitat protections. Thank the advocates who helped give some of nature’s most beautiful artifacts a shot at survival.

Success: Mexico Bans Harmful Chemical from Use

After a long battle, Mexico has officially banned the use of Roundup and is phasing out all usage of it by 2024. This is a huge victory for environmental rights in Mexico! Sign the petition to thank the government for taking this important step.

Success: Iconic Joshua Tree Receives Endangered Species Protections

The endangered Joshua Tree has finally earned protected status in an environmental success. Climate change hit Joshua trees and other endangered plants especially hard, with habitat loss worsening the crisis. Applaud recent steps taken to ensure the survival of these beloved plants.

Success: Brutal Police Tactics Halted and Investigated

Peru’s government has announced that all violent attacks on pro-democracy protesters will cease and those responsible for the brutality will be investigated. Thank Peru’s president for making this wise and humane decision.

Success: Recording Police Brutality Won’t Be Criminalized

After widespread protests against the intent to criminalize the recording of police brutality, the president of France has withdrawn his support for this violation of rights. Congratulate him for his decision to listen to the demands and concerns of his people.

Success: Horrific Treatment of Defenseless Refugees Under Investigation

Extensive charges of tragic violence and abuse committed against refugees by European border forces are now under independent investigation. Thank the European Ombudsman for her decision to stop these alleged abuses and combat the erosion of human rights.

Success: Sports Official Accused of Extensive Sexual Abuse Banned for Life

An accused sexual predator has been removed from office as Haiti’s top soccer official, ending a decades-long reign during which numerous young women were alleged to have been exploited and silenced. Praise the decision to prevent this potentially dangerous man from doing further harm to young people.

Success: Applaud Historic Vote That Protects Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage will be protected in the state of Nevada, regardless of what the conservative U.S. Supreme Court may one day rule. Thank the state’s activists for relentlessly working toward this goal.

Success: Cease-Fire Signed in Casualty-Heavy Border Conflict

An urgent armed conflict that may have claimed thousands of lives is finally drawing to a close. Support the cease-fire that could mark a new beginning for the people of Armenia and Azerbaijan,

Success: Dog Beaten and Stabbed to Death Receives Justice

A man who beat his dog until she suffered a broken skull and then stabbed her to death has been convicted of animal cruelty. He could receive a sentence of up to three years in prison. Applaud the justice delivered in this tragic case.

Success: Historic Peace Agreement Signed in Country Ravaged By Civil War

Libya’s decade-old war has finally been brought to a close with the signing of a permanent historic ceasefire agreement. Libyans will soon be able to return to peace and progress with the cessation of hostilities. Praise the work of the negotiators in bringing about this long-awaited peace agreement.

Success: Facebook Cracks Down on Hate-Filled Propaganda-Spreader QAnon

Facebook has taken decisive action against a rapidly growing provocateur of hateful propaganda and violence. Legions of QAnon manipulators will now be left without a home base for their dangerous disinformation campaigns. Support Facebook’s full-on ban of this defamatory agent of chaos.

Success: NFL Supports Players’ Rights to Free Speech

The National Football League has successfully reversed its archaic policy punishing players for taking a knee against racial injustice. They are no longer penalizing athletes for kneeling during the national anthem and are in fact supporting this peaceful protest and other appeals for racial equality. Applaud this win for free speech and grassroots activism.

Success: Protection Extended For Threatened Birds

A threatened bird species will not be stripped of protection in the state of Arizona, defying powerful interests that would happily see this animal go extinct. Praise this sound and compassionate decision to protect the yellow-billed cuckoo.

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