Success: Georgia Passes Hate Crime Bill After the Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

In the wake of the murder of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, Georgia has finally passed a long-delayed hate crimes bill. Thank the governor for signing this important law.

Success: Animal Abusers to Face Harsher Legal Standards and Consequences

Mississippi’s convicted animal abusers will now be treated with the condemnation and punishment they deserve. The state has toughened its standards and penalties for cruelty. Applaud this important reversal of fortune for vulnerable animals.

Success: Migrant Children to Be Released From Family Detention Centers

Migrant children who are confined in US detention centers will soon be freed, thanks to the hard work of immigration advocates. This is an important development for human rights and public health in the wake of the devastating coronavirus pandemic. Thank those who fought to free these children.

Success: National Parks Receive Needed Funding for Conservation Efforts

The national park system will receive over 18 million dollars for maintenance and repairs in a landmark victory for environmentalists. The national park system has been underfunded for decades, as well as threatened by oil companies and hunters seeking to claim miles of unspoiled nature for themselves. Thank those who voted in favor of funding and protecting public lands.

Success: Restrictive Anti-Abortion Law Struck Down

A restrictive anti-abortion law was recently overturned. This law would have made women’s access to a safe abortion very difficult. Thank activist organization Pro-Choice America for their tireless work fighting for women’s right to their bodies.

Success: Amazon Puts Brakes on Use of Racial Profiling Facial Recognition

Amazon just helped ensure its facial recognition technology is not weaponized for racial profiling and wrongful imprisonment. The influential company will ban use of its often inaccurate tech by law enforcement in most cases. Thank business leaders for this step in the right direction.

Success: Racist Confederate Flag Removed and Retired

The Mississippi state flag, which displays the Confederate symbol, will be removed and retired. This is a huge achievement for the thousands of protesters nationwide who have been fighting to dismantle systemic racism. Applaud Mississippi’s governor for supporting the removal of the state flag.

Success: Facebook Removes Hateful Content Displayed by the Trump Campaign

Facebook recently removed a Trump campaign advertisement that displayed a symbol used by the Nazis. The symbol, a red triangle, was used to identify political prisoners and communists during WWII. Applaud Facebook for removing Trump’s harmful and alarming use of a Nazi symbol for political gain.

DACA rally - Pax Ahimsa Gethen

Success: Supreme Court Stops Trump From Deporting “Dreamers”

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Trump’s administration cannot deport young immigrants who are protected by the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This is a huge victory for immigrant rights group and activists who have fought Trump’s racist attacks on undocumented families. Commend the Supreme Court for this historic decision.

Success: LGBT Workers Legally Protected From Discrimination

LGBT workers will finally be treated with respect, and employers will not be allowed to fire people or deny them employment based on their sexuality or gender orientation. This decision came down from the Supreme Court and was suggested by House Democrats. Thank Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats for making this possible.

Success: New York Police Department to Disband Violent Anti-Crime Unit

A New York police unit known for its involvement in fatal shootings is being dismantled. This comes after weeks of nationwide protests in the United States calling for defunding the notoriously brutal police force. Applaud the New York City police commissioner for disbanding this unit and working to properly address police brutality.

BLM protest NYC - Anthony Quintano

Success: Louisville Bans No-Knock Warrants That Led to Breonna Taylor’s Death

Louisville, Kentucky has banned the use of no-knock warrants like the one that led to Breonna Taylor being shot by police in her own home. Thank the city council for passing Breonna’s Law and ensuring that no one has to die this way at the hands of police again.

Success: United Nations Calls for Worldwide Ban on Conversion Therapy

The United Nations has recommended a worldwide ban on conversion therapy. Their recent report determined that the scientifically discredited practice of forcing a subject to change their sexual orientation or identity “may amount to torture.” Thank those who took this stand for gay rights.

Success: Senate Votes to Remove Confederate Names From Army Bases

A key Republican-led Senate committee voted to remove confederate names from army bases, despite adamant resistance from President Trump. This vote would require the Pentagon to strip military bases and equipment of confederate names, monuments or symbols within three years. Thank the Armed Services Committee for working to address racism in America.

Success: Racist Confederate Statue Ordered to be Removed

A monument to racism and treason may soon fall in Virginia. The removal of the divisive Robert E. Lee statue, site of many protests against racial injustice, has been ordered by Governor Ralph Northam. Applaud the potential end of this endorsement of America at its worst.

Success: Officers Who Allegedly Shoved Protester to the Ground Charged

Two officers who reportedly shoved a 75-year-old peaceful protester to the ground were charged with felony assault, thanks to a decision made by district attorney John J. Flynn. Applaud Mr. Flynn for holding police accountable and bringing justice to the man who was reportedly shoved to the ground.

Success: Minneapolis Police Department to be Disbanded

The Minneapolis City Council voted to dismantle their police force which was responsible for the death of George Floyd. This comes after tireless protesting and organizing by Black Visions Collective, the Black Lives Matter movement and thousands of Americans nationwide. Applaud Black Visions Collective for protecting the black community from police brutality and working to dismantle the police department.

Success: Man Who Allegedly Threw Baby Duckling Off High Bridge Arrested

The baby duckling that was allegedly thrown from a high bridge in a video that appeared on Snapchat may soon be given justice, thanks to the hard work of the police. Because they took this case seriously, the accused may spend time in prison and be required to pay hefty fines if he is found guilty of this horrible act of animal cruelty. Thank the police for their part in helping to ensure that this innocent animal gets justice.

Success: Police Department Responsible for Deaths of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee Under Investigation

Two African Americans, Breonna Taylor and David McAtee, died by deadly police force in Louisville in separate incidents. Their controversial killings and the police department responsible for both are now being investigated at the local and federal level. Applaud these needed steps in accountability and ultimate justice.

Success: Police Officers Responsible for Death of George Floyd Arrested

The police officers responsible for the death of an unarmed, nonviolent Minneapolis man has been arrested and charged with murder. Congratulate the Hennepin County District Attorney for his response to this tragic event.

Trump - Gage Skidmore

Success: Twitter Flags Trump’s Lies With Fact-Check Labels

Twitter has introduced fact-checking labels on Trump’s false statements, drawing ire from the tweet-happy president. Although Trump has threatened to strip the rights of social media companies in retaliation, Twitter is standing strong. Thank the social media company for taking an important step toward mitigating the president’s misuse of their platform.

Chickens - Manfred Richter

Success: Chickens Saved from Mass Killing at Factory Farm

An animal rights organization succeeded in rescuing 1,000 chickens from mass euthanization at an Iowa egg farm. Animals across the country are being put to death because of the coronavirus, many of them having lived their entire lives in cramped, inhumane conditions. Praise the animal rights activists who fought back against this cruelty.

Success: Green Energy Projects Granted Extended Timelines

Green energy companies will be granted extended deadlines to apply for vitally important tax credits, saving them from discontinuing their environment-saving work. Congratulate the U.S. Secretary of Energy for this momentous decision.

Success: Vital Wetlands Protected From Invasive and Toxic Industry

Uganda’s government will soon remove encroaching farms, mines, and factories
from its wetlands and lakes, preserving threatened species from extinction and giving conservationists the opportunity to better understand rare animals. Congratulate the minister responsible for his decisive action.


Success: Government Commits Millions to Bushfire-Affected Wildlife

Australia’s government has committed to spending millions of dollars to aid in the protection of wildlife affected by recent bushfires. This is a huge step forward for the overall continent, which has a poor track record in handling wildlife crises due to climate change and the logging industry. Sign this petition to thank the government for taking this important step.

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