Success: Brutal Badger Culling to End in Britain

Science and medicine have once again rescued scores of living beings from a deadly fate. A promising vaccine spells the end of inhumane badger culling in Britain. Applaud the eradication of a government-mandated form of animal cruelty that has claimed over a million badgers.

Success: Eating of Dog and Cat Meat Banned

The consumption of dog and cat meat has officially been banned in Shenzhen, China, as part of a larger ban on the eating of wildlife following the coronavirus outbreak. This could save millions of innocent animal lives. Thank those responsible for this groundbreaking animal rights success.

Success: Pregnant Girls No Longer Banned From Schools

Sierra Leone has lifted a years-long ban on pregnant girls coming to school. This law was just one of many harsh cruelties faced by young girls in African countries, a reminder that society and the law see them as lesser people than boys and men and denying them even basic human rights. Once the COVID-19 crisis is over, however, this will no longer be the case. Thank the Sierra Leone school system for lifting this unfair ban.

Success: Progress Achieved for Movement Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline violates the rights and safety of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and now a federal court has sided with the tribe’s lawyers against the project. Thank the Indigenous Environmental Network for their tireless fight to protect indigenous lands from the threat of this pipeline.

Success: Property Owner Punished for Starving Cattle to Death

A man accused of killing or starving dozens of cattle received his day in court and did not escape legal justice. He was found criminally responsible for multiple counts of animal cruelty. Applaud the prosecutors who never gave up on justice for these fallen victims of inexcusable negligence and abuse.

Success: Increased Protections for Greater Sage Grouse Habitat Achieved

The Trump administration’s attempt to lease almost one million acres of public land without public comment was voided. This land is vital habitat for the greater sage grouse and other sagebrush reliant species. Applaud Western Watersheds Project for highlighting the Trump administration’s corrupt policy and protecting greater sage grouse habitat.

Success: Egyptian Men Facing Execution Acquitted

Four Egyptian men facing the death penalty were acquitted of their alleged charges. They were arrested as teenagers and reportedly faced horrendous torture while imprisoned. Thank human rights group Reprieve for their hard work campaigning to bring these men justice.

Success: Grieving Train Driver Granted Compassionate Leave

A New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) worker has been granted the two weeks of paternity leave he was guaranteed following the stillbirth of his child. This is a compassionate about-face and a victory for workers everywhere. Congratulate the MTA on this gracious decision.

Success: Biggest Drop in Coal Use in 30 Years

Coal emissions from the global electricity sector have dropped in the last year, thanks partly to the European Union’s efforts. The EU has been one of the world powers most reluctant to drop coal as a fuel, but this is finally changing. Thank the bloc of countries for finally doing the right thing for clean air.

Success: Wells Fargo Announces Plans to Stop Funding Arctic Drilling

Banking giant Wells Fargo has dropped its financial support for oil and gas drilling in the Arctic. More big companies should follow this example. Thank Wells Fargo for finally doing the right thing.

Success: Rabbit Beaten and Decapitated Receives Justice

A convicted animal cruelty offender will serve jail time after he beat a rabbit with a stick and then beheaded the innocent animal at a shelter. Thank Iowa’s rescuers for fighting tirelessly for this beloved rabbit to receive justice and for their continued work in protecting animals.

Success: State Protects Citizens From Deadly Gun Violence

The state where one of the worst mass shootings in American history took place will now put long-blocked gun violence prevention measures into practice. This shows that Virginia will no longer value special interest paychecks over human lives. Applaud this landmark legislation.

Success: Empty Flights That Waste Climate-Damaging Fuel Stopped

Airlines will no longer be required to fly empty planes that needlessly pollute the environment during the coronavirus outbreak. This suspension of an old rule will reduce pollution and help the environment during this significant drop in air travel. Congratulate the President of the European Commission on this victory.

Success: New York Bans Plastic Bags

Fewer plastic bags will choke marine life and pollute the environment, thanks to New York banning these hazardous products. Thank the governor for supporting this ban and for further doing what needs to be done to ensure positive environmental change takes place.

Success: Man Convicted of Tying Dog to Basketball Hoop for Weeks Sentenced

A man who was found guilty of tying his dog to a basketball post and leaving him there to die was given a harsh sentence under law. Thank those responsible for doing what was necessary in order to ensure that Walter the dog received due justice.

Success: Cancer-Causing Oil Refinery to Be Closed Permanently

The largest oil refinery on the East Coast will be shut down permanently thanks to four years of campaigning by a Philadelphia-based environmental group. This refinery emitted the highest levels of cancer-causing benzene in the country, far exceeding the EPA standard. Praise the environmental group for working to ensure the closure of this harmful oil refinery.

Success: Chris Matthews Resigns From MSNBC After Sexist and Antisemitic Comments

Chris Matthews resigned from Hardball on MSNBC during a broadcast following sexist and antisemitic remarks. Thanks to pressure from activists, Matthews is making way for a younger and more progressive generation of journalists. Thank Matthews for showing remorse and stepping down.

Success: Instant Divorce That Condemns Women to Poverty and Isolation Outlawed

Instant divorce has been outlawed in India, extending protection to millions of Muslim women once subject to impoverishment and isolation at the hands of their husbands. An act of the Parliament of India has ended this practice and guaranteed rights and compensation for victims. Congratulate those responsible for successfully ending instant divorce.

Success: Endangered Right Whale Protected Through Fishing Restrictions

The North Atlantic right whale will now be better protected from entanglement in fishing gear, a major cause of their endangerment. A recent decision to permanently close off fishing areas where the whales gather will give them the safe space they need to grow and thrive. Thank those responsible for this important conservation effort.

Success: House Coal and Wood Burning to be Phased Out

The UK will be phasing out coal and wet wood as household fuels over the next few years, starting with retailers emptying their stocks and stopping their sale of these fuels. Thank DEFRA for making this victory possible.

Success: Northern White Rhino Saved From Imminent Extinction

The Northern white rhinoceros has been successfully saved from imminent extinction by the creation of viable embryos in a partnership between a research zoo and a national park in Kenya. These embryos represent the first step in the process of recovering this once-doomed species. Sign this letter to thank those who achieved this miraculous success.

Success: Environment-Ravaging Oil Sands Project Discontinued

Earth will not be exploited by another water, air, and land-polluting oil sands mine. In the process, one of Canada’s most dangerous environmental enemies faces a major, possibly fatal blow. Celebrate the end of a destructive era.

Success: Action Taken to Prevent Wildlife-Killing Forest Fires

The president of Indonesia has ordered his government to end illegal forest fires immediately, offering hope that orangutans, forests, and public health can be saved and improved. Praise the efforts of President Joko Widodo and his cabinet in ending this scourge on the environment.

Success: Ban on Transgender Children’s Medical Care Fails

Transgender children in South Dakota scored a major victory, as a proposal to take away their rights to medical treatment was thrown out. Health care is a human right that must be upheld for all. Praise those who took a stand for transgender and human rights.

Success: University Divests From Fossil Fuel Industry

Georgetown University has stepped up in the fight against climate change by withdrawing its endowment funds rooted in fossil fuel companies and pledging to invest in renewable energy instead. This success came at the vote of students and activists who have been paramount in making the university sustainable and environmentally friendly. Thank those who took this important stand against the fossil fuel industry.

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