Articles written by: Kari Maze

I have a B.A. degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in anthropology. Currently, I am applying to a graduate program in writing, as I love to express myself through the written word. I mostly enjoy writing creative non-fiction. However, I also have a strong inclination to help animals in any way that I can. I also like doing whatever possible to help the environment thrive. Writing petitions that bring awareness to the numerous amount of animal welfare issues, as well as to conservation and environmental issues, is something that I find to be extremely important. While many of these subjects are difficult to read about and to accept as truth, without advocating for change, positive strides could not be made. I hope that you will sign my petitions and support me in my cause to ensure that domestic animals receive the justice that they deserve, animals in the wild are treated more fairly and also to better ensure that we are all able to live in a safer and healthier environment. Thank you for supporting such causes. Without your signature, these changes would not be possible.

Police Officer Who Allegedly Abused Dog Needs Prison Sentence

A police officer was charged with animal abuse after pictures reportedly showed her underweight dog standing inside a crate filled with waste. Demand she be fired and receive the longest prison sentence possible if it is found she is responsible for animal abuse.

Save Burrowing Owls From Extinction

Burrowing owls may soon be extinct if they continue to lose their habitat. Demand these owls be protected so they will be able to once again thrive.

Dog Reportedly Found 30 Pounds Underweight and Left for Dead Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly starved and purposely left to die in the middle of the street. Demand whoever is suspected of committing this cruel act be found and arrested.

Kitten Attacked and Soaked With Bleach Deserves Justice

A man accused of throwing bleach on an innocent kitten is escaping punishment because the animal is believed to have been a stray. Demand that all cats and dogs receive equal consideration under law.

Dogs Allegedly Operated on by Unqualified Individual Deserve Justice

Dogs experienced pain and complications after allegedly being illegally operated on by an obstetrician and gynecologist. Demand she be held accountable under the law and that she no longer be legally allowed to practice medicine or be near animals if she is found guilty.

Arrest Dog Owners for Allegedly Allowing Puppy to be Attacked in Dogfight

A video of a puppy reportedly attacked by multiple dogs was posted on social media platforms, raising concerns about dogfighting. Demand this case be investigated to ensure justice for this dog and to put a stop to this so-called sport.

Dog that Died in Alleged Purposely Lit Fire Deserves Justice

A dog died a slow and painful death in a house fire that was said to be set on purpose. Demand the suspect be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if it is discovered the fire was intentionally set.

Pit Bull Allegedly Punched in Face Multiple Times Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly punched many times in the head and face after apparently trying to attack a puppy while on a walk. Demand the suspect be arrested and given the harshest sentence possible if he is found guilty of such horrific animal cruelty.

Dog Reportedly Abandoned Inside Filthy Dumpster Deserves Justice

A sweet dog named Malea was reportedly ruthlessly thrown inside a dumpster in a shocking case of abandonment. Demand the person allegedly responsible for this crime be thoroughly investigated and held accountable for their actions.

Elderly Dog Apparently Starved to Death Deserves Justice

Roxy, a pit bull mix, was allegedly euthanized after being starved to the point of no return by the dog’s owner. Demand the person reportedly responsible for mistreating this animal receive a long prison sentence and be banned from being around animals if he is found guilty of this disgusting abuse.

Horse Allegedly Dragged by Four-Wheeler Deserves Justice

A young horse was allegedly dragged by a four-wheeler, and another was reportedly sprayed in the face in a shocking case of cruelty. Other horses on the farm were also thought to be abused. Demand the suspects be held accountable for their actions if they are found guilty.

Siberian Husky Apparently Found With Chain Embedded in Neck Deserves Justice

A husky named Justice was reportedly found roaming the streets with a metal chain stuck inside his neck that needed to be surgically removed. Demand the person accused of abusing Justice be fully prosecuted.

Close Sanctuary for Reportedly Abusing and Neglecting Animals

Animals were allegedly not provided with food, water, or proper shelter by a sanctuary that has been cited multiple times for animal cruelty. Demand this establishment be closed down and that the animals be moved to a reputable sanctuary if these allegations are found to be true.

Justice for Cat Apparently Beaten to Death With Wooden Back Scratcher

Two cats were reportedly beaten with a wooden backscratcher by their owner in a shocking case of animal cruelty. One cat apparently died, and the other was severely injured. Demand justice for these innocent cats.

Dog Allegedly Punched While Walking Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was allegedly punched while being taken for a walk. The man reportedly responsible is up for judgement soon. Demand he be thoroughly prosecuted and further that he no longer be allowed to own pets if he is found guilty of this pathetic abuse.

Kittens Allegedly Brutally Tortured and Killed Deserve Justice

A girlfriend of a suspected cat murderer allegedly knew that he was hurting and killing helpless kittens and reportedly did not inform anyone of her concerns. She was even said to help him purchase two other animals. Demand she receive the maximum prison sentence if she is found guilty of aiding and abetting this reported cruelty.

Pit Bull Mix Allegedly Tied Up in Hot Sun and Left to Die Deserves Justice

A Pit bull mix died after reportedly being left outside in the heat for hours without food, water, or shelter. Demand the woman allegedly responsible for this crime spend the maximum amount of time in prison allowed if she is found guilty of this heartless neglect.

Dog Who Allegedly Had Word Carved in Head With Machete Deserves Justice

A dog’s head was allegedly cut multiple times with a machete in an attempt to spell the word “Hi.” Demand the person arrested in connection with this horrific crime be punished if found guilty.

Kitten Reportedly Kicked in Head Three Times to Death Deserves Justice

A kitten was found dead after reportedly being kicked three times in the head. Demand justice now.

Deny Woman Reduced Jail Time for Alleged Animal Cruelty

A German shepherd reportedly died after being left home alone for days without a proper pet sitter. The woman found guilty of the crime thinks she should be given permission to leave jail early. Demand that she should serve her entire sentence for her alleged actions.

Punish Man Accused of Slamming Dog on Ground and Dragging Him by Rope

A dog was reportedly beaten, tied with a rope, and dragged by the neck. Demand prosecutors seek the maximum penalty in this case.

Dogs Apparently Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Dozens of animals were apparently found starved to death in the backyard of a former animal control worker. Demand the suspect be fully prosecuted and serve time in prison, if found guilty.

Dog Allegedly Picked Up and Thrown for Defecating on Floor Deserves Justice

A golden retriever puppy, named Chowder, was reportedly picked up and callously thrown for pooping inside his home. Chowder may now need to have one leg removed as a result. Demand the person accused of this cruel act be brought to justice.

Cat Apparently Attacked and Given Bloody Neck by Two Men Deserves Justice

A cat named Figaro was reportedly hunted down and given a bloody neck by two assailants. Demand these men be sent to prison if they are arrested, tried, and found guilty of this disgusting animal abuse.

Puppy Reportedly Stuffed in Bag Inside Locked Trunk by Alleged Drug Dealers Deserves Justice

A puppy was reportedly stuffed inside a zipped-up bag and jammed in a car trunk underneath a heavy drill, while drugs were apparently being transported and delivered. Demand justice for this animal.

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