Close Sanctuary for Reportedly Abusing and Neglecting Animals

Target: Henry County, GA Attorney Darius Pattillo

Goal: Permanently shut sanctuary down for allegedly ignoring several animal cruelty citations.

President Shelly Lackly and two of her employees have been charged with numerous animal cruelty violations after it was alleged they did not provide animals with appropriate care. According to reports, employees at the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary were charged because they chose to ignore past citations. Documents state that animals were not given food or water. It was also indicated by authorities that they were not provided with sanitary living conditions.

Sign this petition to demand this sanctuary not only be closed down but to further insist these animals be moved to another sanctuary where they will receive the appropriate care if these allegations turn out to be true so that the animals will be able to live the rest of their lives in peace.


Dear County Attorney Pattillo,

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary has received several past citations pertaining to animal cruelty. Authorities are now claiming they not only ignored these citations but that they also have been operating an illegal business.

President Shelly Lackly and two of her employees have once again been charged because reports state that animals were not provided with an appropriate dwelling and further that they were not given food or water.

If this sanctuary continues to stay open, these animals and others will likely starve to death. I therefore demand you recommend the sanctuary be permanently shut down and that you further suggest their animals be moved to an appropriate place where they will receive the care they need and deserve if the sanctuary is found guilty to prevent future suffering.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Steve Wilson


  1. To repeat the same problems as were done in the past seems to require an immediate closure of this so called sanctuary. This is not the way to run a sanctuary.

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    Close this place down, send the poor animals to good sanctuaries and throw these rotten, worthless people in jail. Fine the hell out of them too!!

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