Horse Allegedly Dragged by Four-Wheeler Deserves Justice

Target: District Attorney of Cumberland County, NC Billy West

Goal: Give prison sentence to people accused of severely abusing horses if they are found guilty.

A young horse was allegedly dragged by a four-wheeler and other horses were said to be severely abused through the use of unethical training methods. Austin Wayne Simpson and Kylie Lenore Parker were arrested for the reported crimes. It is important that they be held accountable for their actions if they are found guilty, so the horses will no longer suffer.

A video sent to the local news allegedly shows a foal being directly sprayed in the face. People who are familiar with training horses commented on social media that this training method is like trying to get information from someone through waterboarding. The same horse reportedly fell to the ground, likely due to the amount of physical force caused by heavily spraying the animal. Reports indicate that lacerations and abrasions were found under the muzzle and ears of one of the fouls and that they were caused by applying too much pressure to try and control the animal. The same horse, named Faith, was also said to have a muscle tear that caused permanent damage to the soft tissue and bone on one of her front legs. It was further reported that another young horse was seen in a video flailing on the ground. Because many of the injuries are thought to be irreversible, the suspects are being charged with felony animal cruelty.

Seven horses ultimately ended up being removed from the property due to suspected abuse. Sign this petition to demand Simpson and Parker serve time in prison and that they further no longer be allowed to be around horses if it is found they hurt them in any way.


Dear District Attorney West,

Authorities arrested Austin Wayne Simpson and Kylie Lenore Parker on suspicion of animal cruelty after they allegedly discovered that one horse had been dragged by a four-wheeler and others had likely also been abused by means of extreme training methods. They need to be given a harsh legal sentence if it is found they committed these crimes to better ensure the horses will no longer be harmed.

A news video reportedly shows one horse being sprayed with water while on the ground and also falling over on the same day. Police stated that one of the foals had noticeable injuries under her ears and muffle and that she had irreversible damage to the bone and tissue on one of her front legs because of mistreatment. Since the alleged damage to the animal is permanent, the suspects are being charged with felony animal cruelty. It was further alleged that a young horse was seen moving around erratically on the ground. Officers ended up taking away five foals and two adult horses that they thought had been regularly abused. For these reasons, I demand you suggest these people receive the longest prison sentence possible and that you further insist they no longer be allowed to own animals if it is found they are responsible for these inexcusable actions.


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Photo Credit: Elma


  1. BASTARDS!! Lock them up. Don’t let them have anymore animals.

  2. Torture these pieces of shit the same way they did to that poor horse. The only punishment they deserve to learn how it hurts.

  3. Here we go again, nasty pos freaks who claim to be trainers and are in fact nothing but despicable, tyrannical monsters. They deserve the same treatment as they inflicte on the innocent animals. Disgusting pieces of excrement!!

  4. Drag their asses on the ground and see if they like it. Ban all involved from owning any animals ever again? So disgusting!

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