Kittens Allegedly Brutally Tortured and Killed Deserve Justice

Target: Cook County, Chicago State Attorney Kimberly M. Foxx

Goal: Give woman prison sentence for reportedly not alerting authorities when she suspected her boyfriend of mistreating and murdering kittens.

A Chicago man allegedly killed several kittens by horrific means. Reports indicate that the man’s girlfriend knew about the problem for a long time before she called the police, making her just as responsible for these animals’ deaths. She needs to serve time in prison if it is found she did nothing to alert authorities when she first suspected an issue.

Martel’s girlfriend was first said to become concerned when she saw a video of him allegedly throwing a sack into Lake Michigan. It was stated at a later date that she did not call police when he reportedly said another kitten needed chest compressions before coming out of the bathroom with the dead animal after 10 minutes had passed.

Later reports say that Martel walked out of the bathroom with a dead kitten inside a bag hours later after telling his girlfriend he was going to teach the animal how to swim. Articles state that she gave Martel more money after the alleged incident to buy another cat. The new animal was allegedly drowned by Martel. Still, it was reported that she gave Martel money again to buy yet another animal. Martel’s girlfriend claimed that she later saw videos on his phone of him severely mistreating the animal. Yet, she allegedly did not call the authorities until this point. At least a few kittens were reportedly killed before she called police.

Sign this petition and demand she be charged with aiding and abetting and further insist she spend time in prison, if found guilty of assisting her boyfriend in committing these vicious crimes to better ensure more animals will not suffer.


Dear State Attorney Foxx,

Thomas Martel was recently arrested after he reportedly admitted to authorities that he used violent methods to kill innocent kittens. According to reports, his girlfriend was aware of what was going on but did nothing to try and stop it until he had already allegedly killed a few kittens. If she had called authorities sooner, these kittens may not have endured the reported suffering and death. She needs to be held responsible for neglecting to take the appropriate actions if it is found Martel committed these crimes.

Martel’s girlfriend reportedly started worrying that her boyfriend was committing these acts after she saw a video of him throwing a pillowcase with something inside it into Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, it is claimed that she did not call police after she allegedly suspected that he had drowned an animal. On another date, his girlfriend supposedly did not call authorities after Martel told her he was going to teach a kitten how to swim and later showed her the dead animal. Instead, she allegedly helped him to secure a transaction to purchase another kitten. That cat was also said to be drowned to death by Martel. She then allegedly gave him more money to buy another kitten. Reports indicate that she did not act until she saw videos of Martel abusing this animal. More cats were said to have died after police were alerted of the problem. These kittens and the others would have likely been saved, however, if Martel’s girlfriend had alerted the authorities sooner. For these reasons, I demand Martel’s girlfriend be charged with aiding and abetting and that it be recommended she receive the maximum prison sentence for this crime if she is found guilty so that other animals will be less likely to suffer the same fate.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Nicolas Suzor


  1. Bosha Karanovic says:

    This world is unfortunately full of horrible sadist people that should never be around animals – electrocute both of them!

  2. Patricia Schwartzmann says:

    Criminals like those two shouldn’t be alive – get rid of them any which way immediately!

  3. Edgar H. Zamalloa says:

    Dear State Attorney Foxx,
    I am surprised that both pieces of scum are still alive waiting to be sentenced … their lungs should have been deprived of fresh air long ago

  4. Judy Wunsch says:

    Dear State Attorney Foxx,
    Do criminals like those two deserve to be kept alive?

  5. You are so stupid woman you knew what he was doing you must be as sadistic as he is and deserve to rot in prison, actually thats to good for you how about we throw u in a sack in the river and see how you feel, and suffer like these poor cats did.. stupid witch

  6. Tammy King says:

    People don’t stop at murdering and torturing helpless animals as they always move on to murder our helpless children. The sooner this person is put behind prison walls is the safer we all will be and it can’t happen soon enough for all concerned .


  8. Michelle Taylor says:

    Scumbag animal abusers must have the death penalty implemented.

  9. Sandra A Mason says:

    Dear State Attorney Foxx.. even if you don’t care about animals, remember that freaks like this eventually go after humans. and his first human target could very well be someone you care about.

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