Deny Woman Reduced Jail Time for Alleged Animal Cruelty

Target: Mahoning County Common Pleas Court Judge R. Scott Krichbaum

Goal: Do not allow woman who neglected her animal to be released from jail early.

Rayne Dunmire was found guilty of cruelty to companion animals after a German shepherd was allegedly discovered to be deceased inside her home. Humane agents stated that they found the animal inside a closet while Dunmire was on vacation after they obtained a search warrant. According to Dunmire, the relatives who agreed to take care of the animal failed to do the task. However, the dog allegedly died because she left the animal alone for an endless number of days without a reliable pet sitter. Dunmire is now requesting that her jail time be reduced, which could soon lead to the mistreatment of more animals.

Sign this petition to demand she serve her entire jail term to send a clear message that her alleged behavior is never acceptable.


Dear Judge Krichbaum,

According to authorities, a German shepherd was found deceased inside a closet after the animal was left alone for an unknown amount of days. Rayne Dunmire was found guilty of cruelty to companion animals shortly afterwards and is now serving a 6-month jail term for the stated crime. Dunmire is blaming her relatives for not taking care of the dog after they told her they would look after the animal and is requesting early release. If the motion is granted, she will only be required to be on probation for five years. Animal abusers who do not spend a lengthy amount of time behind bars likely come to the conclusion that there are little consequences for harming them through abuse and neglect, making it more likely they will commit another act of cruelty.

I therefore demand you deny the motion that would allow Dunmire to leave jail early if these allegations are true and further insist that you sentence her to even more time in jail if she is found guilty of abusing other animals in the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: PROPL187


  1. Milantia Roy says:


  2. Patrcia Becky says:

    Let’s hope she has a tragic death

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  4. Brian K Morris says:

    Honestly. It’s so easy to throw stones at people who’ve had a hard time in life who are you people to cast judgment of this woman you don’t know her story and even though the animal is dead there is only one judge. This woman is paying for the things she did leave her alone no one and I repeat no one is perfect she made a mistake she’s sorry for it let the woman alone. I am very confident that she will never do this again I am sure that everyone has made a stupid decision in their life that they regret leave this woman alone you guys have no life to judge this woman

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