Dog Allegedly Punched While Walking Deserves Justice

Target: Windsor County, Vermont State Attorney Ward Goodenough

Goal: Give man prison sentence for reportedly punching German shepherd.

A man was allegedly seen punching a German shepherd while taking the animal for a walk. Colby Johnson was later arrested on previous charges and was also cited for animal cruelty. He will soon appear in court to face the citation. He needs to spend time behind bars if he is found guilty so that other animals will be less likely to suffer.

Studies have shown that people who harm animals usually graduate to hurting or killing people. Therefore, if these charges are dismissed, Johnson may not only be a danger to himself, but also to the citizens around him. Furthermore, if it is found he committed this cruelty and he is not sentenced, the dog he was said to have punched will likely continue to be abused. Sign this petition to demand Johnson not be allowed to be around animals and to further insist he spend time in prison if it is discovered he committed this unacceptable abuse.


Dear State Attorney Goodenough,

Colby Johnson was cited for reportedly punching a German shepherd while they were walking alongside a busy road. It is important he be punished under law if he is found guilty so that surrounding animals will be more likely to remain safe.

If Johnson is not held accountable for his alleged actions, such behavior toward this dog may continue. The dog may even eventually die due to injuries sustained from abuse. Colby could further one day physically hurt or kill someone since studies indicate that people who display abuse toward helpless creatures oftentimes go on to show outrage toward others. For these reasons, I demand you suggest Johnson receive the longest prison sentence possible for this crime and that you further suggest he no longer be allowed to have pets if it is found this dog suffered any abuse by his hands.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: PROPOL187


  1. Please enforce harsh punishments on this monster, he cant keep pets anyway because of his evil nature and rehome the poor dog to good family.

  2. Alice Knight says:

    The dog should be immediately be taken away from this person. This dog deserves love, respect and to be cared for.

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