Kitten Reportedly Brutally Kicked to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Prince William County, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Amy Ashworth

Goal: Give man maximum legal sentence for reportedly kicking kitten to death.

A kitten allegedly died after being kicked in the head multiple times. Frederick Grant Pierce was arrested on animal cruelty charges shortly afterwards. It is imperative that Pierce receive the maximum prison sentence if he is found guilty of this horrific crime. Authorities stated they discovered the animal after responding to a domestic violence call. According to reports, the 3-month-old kitten was found lifeless in the bedroom.

The incident allegedly happened after the kitten’s owner left the apartment. Officers said they seized the animal to investigate the reported death further. Pierce is being held on a $1,500 unsecured bond. Demand he spend the most time in prison possible if it is found he committed this unforgivable act.


Dear Commonwealth Attorney Ashworth,

Frederick Grant Pierce is currently being held on felony animal cruelty charges after being accused of brutally kicking a kitten to death. He must spend a lengthy amount of time in prison and be banned from owning or being around pets if he is found guilty of killing this innocent animal. Officers reportedly found the animal motionless in the bedroom after they answered a call concerning domestic violence. They decided to take the kitten with them to try and piece together the alleged crime.

Reports state that the kitten’s owner was away when the crime took place. Pierce is being held on a $1,500 unsecured bond while the crime is being investigated. Sign this petition to demand Pierce not only receive a prison sentence but to also insist he no longer be legally allowed to be around animals if it is found this helpless kitten  suffered and died by his hands.


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Photo Credit: Saving Public Ryan


  1. Having this man receive the harshest sentence would be applauded! Too many times these insane people are let off the hook easily. The kitten suffered extreme pain but that didn’t stop this fierce kicking and beating. I wish these men who abuse animals, children, and women, would be forced to face someone bigger than they are. Why do men of this type always prey on the smallest to brutalize?
    Please throw the book at this man. He should not see the light of day for many, many years. A small being is still a living being and a thug us still a thug! Please make him suffer the way the kitten suffered.

    • Teresa Zamalloa says:

      Why do men of this type always prey on the smallest to brutalize?


  2. If Virginia doesn’t start charging, fining, jailing and punishing these horrendous offenders then they need to change their motto from Virgina is for Lovers to Virginia is for Animal Abusers

  3. Dr. Tammy King says:

    This person if not stopped and jailed for a long prison sentence will move on to murdering our innocent helpless children too .

  4. Michelle taylor says:

    This vile, mentally deranged scumbag must have the death penalty implemented, without delay! A slow and agonizing extermination is essential!!! OH YESSSS!!!!

  5. Manitou Calmstorm says:

    Just lock him in a cell and incinerate the pile of trash! It’s no less than what he did to that poor baby.

    May he rot in hell.

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