Dogs Allegedly Operated on by Unqualified Individual Deserve Justice

Target: Pima County, Arizona District Attorney Laura Conover

Goal: Give woman prison sentence for allegedly performing surgeries on dogs without a veterinary license.

Police arrested Dr. Raquel Marie Mercado–Sepulveda after it was alleged she illegally performed surgeries on dogs without a license. Authorities stated they found expired vaccines and medicines on her premises. According to reports, Mercado-Sepulveda claimed she was successfully able to give medications to dogs and perform these surgeries because she was an Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OBGYN). She further allegedly said that she collected semen from her dogs, did transvaginal artificial insemination surgeries, and stitched the dogs up after they got into a fight.

Alleged evidence includes a probable cause statement saying she botched up a C-section that she performed on a French bulldog. This was concluded when a veterinarian noticed that the dog was not shaved at the surgical site, leading them to believe that the procedure was not performed by someone with a veterinary license. Mercado-Sepulveda reportedly told one of the dog’s owners to say that the surgery was performed in Mexico. Authorities further claimed that she advised this person on what type of medicine should be administered to the animal.

She additionally had 14 dogs and three rabbits seized from her home for seemingly not providing them with proper care. Two other dogs were reportedly found at another one of her properties, where authorities stated their crates and pee pads were filled with diarrhea. They further indicated that the animals did not have access to water. The suspect is still operating her OBGYN clinic. Sign this petition to demand she no longer be allowed to practice medicine and to further insist that she receive a prison sentence and not be allowed to be around animals if these allegations are found to be true to better ensure other animals and people will not suffer under her care.


Dear District Attorney Conover,

Dr. Raquel Marie Mercado-Sepulveda was taken into custody after authorities claimed she performed surgeries on dogs without having the proper license. Police stated she also stored expired medicines and vaccines in unsuitable conditions. Mercado-Sepulveda allegedly claimed that she was qualified to perform surgeries on dogs and give them medicine since she was a qualified OBGYN. Reports state that she stitched up dogs after they got into a fight, performed artificial insemination on them, and further extracted their semen. In one incident, a veterinarian said that it looked like she had messed up a C-section on a French bulldog after they noticed the animal had not been shaved where the surgical incision occurred. Mercado-Sepulveda was said to further provide this dog with medicine and to tell the person who supposedly requested the surgery to say that it was done overseas. In addition to these allegations, she also had many other animals taken away because police thought they had been neglected.

For these reasons, we demand you suggest Mercado-Sepulveda receive the harshest punishment the law will allow, and that you further suggest she no longer be legally allowed to practice as an OBGYN, or have animals in her care if she is found guilty of these inexcusable crimes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Betty Wills (Atsme)


  1. If she is found guilty she needs to receive the worst the law has to give. The pain she caused and the suffering of these animals can never be paid back. Death for them wold have been easier. Yet animals like people want to live. This woman deserves no compassion as she showed none to innocents.

  2. The first thing that has to happen is taking away her license to practice medicine as she has clearly violated her oath, exceeded her knowledge and advance beyond any credibility to just plain being a scary and deranged person. Who thinks a OB/GYN and a vet are the same? She’s mentally ill, dangerous to the community and a horrible excuse of a human being. Lock her up where she cannot hurt more animals (or people) and give her a permanent ban from animal contact, those poor animals died in vain if she is not held accountable and that is unconscionable.

  3. Yep, definitely what she did is cruel and criminal. Therefore, she must be severely punished for torturing and killing those innocent lives!

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