Pit Bull Mix Allegedly Tied Up in Hot Sun and Left to Die Deserves Justice

Target: District Attorney of Lee County, Florida Jessica Ventiere

Goal: Give woman maximum sentence for allegedly causing dog’s death by leaving the animal outside in scorching heat.

A 5-year-old Pit bull mix allegedly died after being tied to a poll and left outside for several hours in the scorching hot sun. Jade Green was arrested shortly afterward. If she is found guilty, it is important she serve time in prison and not be allowed to be around animals to hopefully prevent this from happening again.

According to detectives, the dog was not provided with any shade and was further not given access to water, food, or shelter. Police from the Animal Cruelty Task Force reported that the surface temperature on their thermometer for the day in question read 104-degrees. However, they further said that they were not able to pick up an internal reading on the thermometer because it was too hot to do so.

Sign this petition to demand Green be held legally responsible if it is found this poor dog died because of her actions.


Dear District Attorney Ventiere,

Jade Green was arrested for animal cruelty after her dog allegedly died because the animal was left tied up outside for too long in the sun. Reports state the dog was left outside for hours in the scorching Florida heat without food, water, or shelter, while Green left her residence for a considerable amount of time. A thermometer reportedly showed that the outside temperature was 104-degrees during the day and that the internal temperature could not be read as a result of the deadly heat.

For these reasons, I demand Green spend time in prison and further insist she no longer be legally allowed to own animals if it is found this poor dog suffered and died under her care.


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Photo Credit: Iidar Sagdejev


  1. Sherry Akridge says:

    Why is it even questioned if a person should receive time in prison for these horrific crimes against animals. My mind is blown every day by these petitions begging people of power to bring charges against these monsters that torture animals every day. These monsters will not stop at torturing one animal, they will go on to torture more and more. Just like a monster that preys upon children.

  2. How could Green not be found guilty? A dog tied to a poll in raging heat without water or shade? That IS a death sentence. It is also inexcusable. Green lives in a house, has a bank account, probably a job, but she is this stupid? No she’s not. She knows right from wrong. She didn’t actin a responsible way. Unless there is a life or death issue which took her away from paying attention to her actions or lack of same this is without reason much less excuses. If one is this unconcerned they should meet financial punishment as well as prison. The dog died in misery. Unless there were other circumstances competing for her attention, she is to blame. Our laws are too soft, kids get away with murder but to take away forms of self financial security will force people to be attentive or face a loss so great they will never recover the loss. This would hurt, as it should, and stop this type of lack of responsibility. She is accountable.

  3. Michelle Taylor says:

    This vile, mentally deranged dog killing bitch requires instigation of the death penalty. A slow and agonizing extermination is required!

  4. milantia roy says:

    What a miserable and cruel bitch — no excuses, no slap on the wrist, no fine, no judgement, no prison …
    she should be subject to the same cruel death

  5. Bosha Karanovic says:

    We don’t need people like her — so a shot to silence her will do

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