Arrest Dog Owners for Allegedly Allowing Puppy to be Attacked in Dogfight

Target: Montgomery County, Texas Sheriff Rand Henderson

Goal: Arrest dog owners for allegedly allowing a puppy to be viciously attacked by larger dogs.

A small puppy was reportedly hurt by a large group of dogs. Soon afterwards a video of the alleged incident appeared on social media. The people who owned the dogs, where the incident was said to occur, gave a total of 37 dogs, which included 14 puppies, to the SPCA. It was reported that some of the surrendered animals had been dealing with medical issues such as anemia and lameness, a condition where a dog does not have full function of their limbs, likely due to a soft tissue injury. Authorities suspect the surrendered dogs were mistreated. Additionally, multiple dogs fiercely attacking a small dog could be an indication of a dog-fighting operation.

Sign this petition to demand the owners of the dogs be arrested and banned from owning animals if it is discovered they are holding dogfights and if it is further found they took a video of an innocent puppy being mauled by other dogs rather than trying to stop the alleged attack.


Dear Sheriff Henderson,

A video reportedly appeared on social media platforms that showed a puppy being attacked by many large dogs. The owners of the dogs, who live at the residence where the tragic event allegedly occurred, surrendered 37 dogs, including 14 puppies, to the local SPCA. It is important that these people be arrested and no longer be allowed to have contact with animals if it is found they allowed this helpless puppy to get hurt. Unfortunately, some of the dogs were said to have medical conditions, such as anemia and lameness, or to not have complete control of their limbs. Since many large dogs allegedly attacked a puppy, it is possible that the animals’ owners were using the puppy as a bait animal to train the larger dogs for future dogfights.

We therefore demand you investigate the dogs’ owners and arrest them if it is discovered they are involved with dogfighting and that you further suggest they not be allowed to own pets if it is found they took a video of the alleged incident instead of trying to stop it from occurring.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Alex Proimos


  1. Jacqueline “Throw them in the ring” says:

    This scum should be used as bait!! That will stop the dogfighting as the laws won’t stop this abuse.

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    Throw these disgusting pos monsters in jail for a very long time. Get them out of society.

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