Stand Up For Cat Allegedly Found Deceased With Bite Marks

A teenage suspect is reportedly connected to the violent death of a neighborhood cat. Demand swift and severe legal action.

Police Officer Who Allegedly Abused Dog Needs Prison Sentence

A police officer was charged with animal abuse after pictures reportedly showed her underweight dog standing inside a crate filled with waste. Demand she be fired and receive the longest prison sentence possible if it is found she is responsible for animal abuse.

Dead Pitbull Allegedly Found in Trash Bag Deserves Justice

Two pitbulls were reportedly discarded in trash bags, one dead and another near death. Call for immediate legal action.

Shut Down Breeding Facility Where Puppies Allegedly Died Without Vet Care

Four puppies allegedly died due to a lack of proper veterinary care in a breeding operation. Demand accountability and stringent oversight.

Stella Deserves Justice: Dog Reportedly Found Bleeding After Brutal Beating

A dog was allegedly beaten with sticks and found bleeding. Call for action against animal cruelty.

Seek Justice for Dead Dogs Found in Food Bags

Disturbing discoveries of dead dogs inside dog food bags highlight ongoing cruelty. Seek rigorous legal accountability for these atrocious acts.

Justice for Karma, Pit Bull Shot and Abandoned

A pit bull was found severely abused and shot through the jaw. Find and punish those responsible for this cruelty.

Help Preserve Seeds With Life-Changing Potential

Native seeds from Palestine have the potential to breathe new life into crop resilience around the world. Demand a commitment to protecting, preserving, and propagating these powerful natural allies.

Shame on Governor Noem for Killing Pet Puppy

A prominent governor has stirred even more controversy by bragging about her reported shooting of a 14-month-old puppy. Call for this leader to set the right example and make amends for this horrific act.

Ensure Military Killings Meet Codes of Conduct

Special ops killings have allegedly taken an even darker turn. Call for a full investigation into the reported actions of a British team that led to the deaths of 80 Afghans.

Mother Dog and Puppies Tied Up and Abandoned in Rainstorm Deserve Justice

A mother dog and her newborn puppies were abandoned, left tied without shelter in the rain. Seek justice and preventative measures against such cruelty.

Punish Woman Who Allegedly Starved Dogs to Death

A dog was euthanized due to alleged starvation and dehydration. Demand immediate legal action for this apparent severe animal cruelty.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Attacked With Slingshots by Youth Gangs

Animals from cats to swans were allegedly targeted and killed in brutal attacks by youth using slingshots. Seek immediate legal intervention to prevent further harm.

Cattle Allegedly Starved and Neglected on Farm Deserve Justice

Over half a dozen cattle allegedly perished due to neglect on a farm. Call for accountability and justice for these animals and a stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws to prevent abuse and neglect.

Alleged Abuse at Dairy Farm Calls for Immediate Legal Action

An undercover video allegedly shows the severe mistreatment of dairy cows at a major farm. Demand legal action against those apparently responsible.

Punish Man Accused of Illegally Chopping Up and Eating Cow

A man was arrested for allegedly slaughtering a cow, violating religious sentiments and animal cruelty laws. Seek strict legal action against such acts.

Punish Those Responsible for Beheading of Cat and Protect Other Animals

Poppy, a 13-year-old cat, was found decapitated near Oldham Cats Rescue. She is one of many cats who suffer with no legal repercussions. Demand harsher consequences for animal abusers.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Suffering from Severe Burns and Assault

A dog was reportedly found with severe burns and signs of assault. Demand legal action against the accused.

Seek Justice for Tortured Animals in Disturbing Video Industry

A country that is a major producer of animal torture videos for entertainment also imposes only minor penalties, raising serious concerns. Call for stringent legal repercussions for this cruelty.

Demand Justice for Gray Wolf Allegedly Muzzled and Killed

Images of a muzzled gray wolf have spurred global outrage. Demand rigorous enforcement of wildlife protection laws.

Call for Accountability in Alleged Killing of Pets by Powerful Politician

In a disturbing revelation, a powerful politician has reportedly described how she ended the lives of her own pets. Demand justice and a full investigation.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Starved to Death

A dog reportedly suffered severe neglect, which allegedly led to its tragic death. Call for a rigorous response to ensure justice is served and similar acts of cruelty are prevented in the future.

Stand Up For Animals Killed After Alleged Neglect for Years at Farm

After years of alleged neglect, a New York farm’s conditions have led to multiple animal deaths. Urge legal action against those responsible.

Seek Justice for Dogs Allegedly Shot and Buried

Three dogs were allegedly shot and buried due to claims of aggression and neglect. Seek justice for these reported victims of cruelty.

Stop Rampant Production of Hazardous Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics are taking a devastating toll on every aspect of our environment. Demand needed changes in the manufacturing and distribution of these dangers.

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