Clean Up Huge Boat Graveyards Poisoning the Environment

Hundreds of boats are leaking toxic substances into the environment as they are abandoned and left to rot. Demand these boat graveyards be cleaned up before more waterways are poisoned.

Stop Torturing Monkeys in Laboratory Experiments

Thousands of innocent primates could soon be bred for cruel lab experiments on U.S. soil. Help stop this unethical torture factory.

Don’t Let Oceans and Vibrant Marine Life Choke on Plastic Waste

Widespread plastic pollution in oceans continues to put marine ecosystems at dire risk. Demand a global effort to fight this overwhelming environmental danger.

Show Mercy to Survivors of Child Sex Trafficking

Child sex trafficking strips young people of their innocence, freedom, dignity, and trust. The justice system often does the same. Demand better safeguards for survivors facing hard prison time because of their exploitation.

Stop Polluting Waterways With Rotting Trash

More than sixty dead fish, along with other garbage, were dumped into a river and littered along the shore. These rotting carcasses and the accompanying trash pose a real threat to the local water quality. Sign this petition to ensure the criminals responsible are brought to justice.

Four Kittens Allegedly Beaten to Death by Teacher Deserve Justice

Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, and Parsnip: these names no longer just represent food; they embody four of the many vulnerable kittens apparently killed by excruciating torture and abuse. Help ensure these innocent victims find peace by ensuring future victims are protected from similar heart-wrenching deaths.

Don’t Let Toxic Sinking Ship Cause Environmental Disaster

A sinking ship has become a ticking time bomb that could unleash pollution, oil spills, and other hazardous material into the ocean. Sign this petition to urge a rapid response to this slow motion environmental disaster.

Stop Stigmatizing Mental Health in Sports

Tennis’ major organizations chose shaming and intimidation over help for a suffering young tennis pro. The stigmatization of mental health just took a disgusting new turn in the sports world. Condemn this unethical behavior and urge reform.

Don’t Slaughter Deer Living in City Parks

Dozens of peaceful deer are about to be killed because they are living in a city park. Sign this petition to demand non-lethal methods be used to address this issue.

Don’t Let Mining Operations Poison Waterways

Mining operations are spilling toxic chemicals into waterways with blatant disregard for environmental health. Protect precious aquatic ecosystems from these destructive mines.

Don’t Kill Bears for Protecting Their Homes

A grizzly bear has received a death warrant after having a fatal encounter with a human. There are often better ways to deal with bear-human conflicts, so please sign this petition to spare this bear’s life.

Don’t Put Cruise Passengers and Other Consumers at Risk of COVID-19

Florida businesses are being denied a key tool for protecting consumers during the pandemic. The governor has prohibited vaccine mandates, even for cruise ships that house thousands of passengers. Demand this politician stop steering businesses toward public health catastrophes.

Success: Destructive Drilling Suspended in the Arctic Wilderness

The arctic is safe once again from the devastating effects of oil and gas drilling. A momentous decision from the White House has protected this delicate landscape. Thank the Biden administration for suspending drilling leases in the far north.

Success: Disgusting Dog Fighting Practice Targeted By Lawmakers

A particularly depraved form of dog cruelty will now receive the condemnation and punishment it deserves. New Jersey has made animal trunk fighting a felony. Thank the leaders who took a stand against barbarity for profit.

Identify and Honor Unknown American Heroes

Unknown soldiers deserve to have their names and their stories restored. Demand better utilization of DNA technology that could bring peace to these fallen heroes and their families.

Recall Cancerous Sunscreen Products

Sunscreen is meant to protect us from skin cancer, yet the FDA allows unsafe levels of known carcinogens in many commonly used sunscreens. Urge the FDA to recall these products, and make sunscreens safe for everyone.

Honor George Floyd With Police Reform in His Name

Meaningful action on police reform would honor George Floyd’s legacy on the anniversary of his tragic death. Demand movement on a number of needed actions that could save lives and build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Stop Exterminating Wild Boars for Human Convenience

Wild boars have been labeled “pests” and the government is calling for their extermination. The species was introduced to North America in efforts to diversify agriculture, a mistake they should not have to pay for. Sign this petition to stop the eradication of the wild boar.

Thousands of Dead Sharks Sold by Greedy Company Deserve Justice

A company imported thousands of illegally slaughtered shark fins for profit and was only given a slap on the wrist. Demand the government impose real penalties on those who support the massacre of sharks.

Save Majestic Spotted Owls From Extinction

Spotted owls could soon become extinct in Canada without immediate intervention. Their habitats have been destroyed, driving their population down to a mere three wild inhabitants. Demand protections for these unique birds and the forests they call home.

Prevent Deception and Fraud in Online Retail

Consumers may at last have recourse for damages suffered in the often-abused digital marketplace. Demand transparency and accountability from online retailers.

Shut Down Dangerous Abandoned Oil Wells

The oil and gas industry has nearly 170,000 wells abandoned across Alberta, with thousands more to follow by the end of the year. Demand that the government and the companies responsible clean up these inactive wells before they cause irreversible damage to the environment and the economy of the province.

Justice for Puppy Allegedly Subjected to Brutal Eye Maiming With Hot Kitchen Knife

A breeder reportedly cut into a puppy’s eye with a burning-hot kitchen knife, all without anesthesia. Help secure appropriate punishment for the people accused of maiming this young animal for life.

Stop Leaded Aviation Fuel From Poisoning the Air

Hundreds of thousands of aircraft still pump toxic fumes into the air due to their use of leaded fuel. Children are particularly at risk of developing serious health issues, yet the EPA has failed to act. Sign this petition to stop leaded fuel from poisoning the air.

Protect Human Rights From Dangerous Government Onslaught

The right to protest, to privacy, to equity, and much more are under assault in the United Kingdom. This powerful region’s track record on human rights continues to crumble. Demand a halt to damaging actions that undermine basic freedom.

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