Trump: Do Not Grant Preemptive Presidential Pardons to Family and Personal Lawyer

President Trump has discussed the possibility of granting preemptive pardons to his children, son-in-law, and personal lawyer as a defense against any investigations put forth by a Biden Justice Department. No US citizen–regardless of who they are related to or close with–should be above the law of the land. Sign this petition to urge Trump to drop the idea of granting presidential pardons.

Stop Subjecting Animals to Cosmetic Testing

Animals suffer unspeakable cruelty in laboratories for cosmetic testing. Sign this petition to stop subjecting animals to horrific abuse for the cosmetics industry.

Stop Punishing Parents for Homeschooling Their Children

Homeschooling has been outlawed in Germany since 1919, yet these restrictions do not reflect the current philosophies of the population. Sign this petition to bring these outmoded laws into the 21st century, and allow families the ability to choose all educational options including homeschooling.

Trump: Cancel 20+ White House Holiday Parties Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

President Trump has recently sent out invitations to over twenty different holiday parties scheduled to take place at the White House this season, disregarding the advice of public health officials seeking to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to cancel White House holiday parties.

Stop Putting Election Workers in the Line of Fire

Election workers have been the continued subject of death threats and violent harassment. Politicians who refuse to condemn these deplorable actions and the people who inspire them are complicit. Tell them to speak up and speak out against this dangerous assault on democracy.

Success: Brutal Police Tactics Halted and Investigated

Peru’s government has announced that all violent attacks on pro-democracy protesters will cease and those responsible for the brutality will be investigated. Thank Peru’s president for making this wise and humane decision.

Dog Allegedly Shot and Killed with BB Gun Deserves Justice

A defenseless dog was reportedly shot and killed with a BB gun on film. Demand the men accused of murdering this animal receive the most stringent punishment allowed if they committed this inexcusable crime.

Support Backyard Chickens in City Limits

Chickens may soon be allowed in one Canadian city, citing the many benefits that come with having a natural food source and fertilizer in residential backyards. This is an important step towards a better future. Support this monumental idea that has already been embraced by many.

Approve Another Covid-19 Stimulus Package Before Holidays

A COVID-19 stimulus package is set to be discussed by Congress at their last session before the holiday break. Demand that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell act now to pass this financial assistance and give Americans the relief that they need during the pandemic.

Success: Recording Police Brutality Won’t Be Criminalized

After widespread protests against the intent to criminalize the recording of police brutality, the president of France has withdrawn his support for this violation of rights. Congratulate him for his decision to listen to the demands and concerns of his people.

Applaud the Relocation of ‘World’s Loneliest Elephant’ to Sanctuary

An elephant kept in isolation and allegedly horrid conditions for years will now live freely and with hundreds of other elephants, thanks to dedicated advocates. Applaud this animal welfare success story.

Don’t Let Accused Anti-Masker Nurse Practice Medicine and Endanger Patients

A nurse reportedly bragged on social media about not following Covid-19 safety guidelines. Demand that the Oregon Health Authority revoke her ability to work in public health.

Search and Rescue Dog Allegedly Denied Medical Care Deserves Justice

A search and rescue dog in training was said by veterinarians to be 30 pounds underweight because of long-term neglect by a reportedly unlicensed trainer. Demand justice for this helpless animal if these allegations are found to be true.

Stop Making People Sick By Feeding Animal By-Products to Chickens

Factory chickens are fed a disgusting mix containing discarded animal by-products. Feeding this waste to poultry is dangerous to human health, and it is an unethical treatment of animals for human gain. Demand that the industry put an end to this animal abuse.

Justice for Disfigured Puppy Left to Die Tied to Tree in Park

A pit bull puppy was found abandoned, tied around a tree and left to die, its face disfigured by injuries. Demand justice for this innocent animal so cruelly mistreated.

Dog Allegedly Thrown Down Flight of Stairs Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly thrown down an entire flight of stairs, suffering injuries that could result in damaged organs or internal bleeding. Demand justice for this apparent victim of senseless animal abuse.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten to Death

An innocent Yorkshire terrier was allegedly beaten to death, with the entire ordeal caught on surveillance video. Demand that the reported suspect be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law will allow so that no other animal endures such abuse.

Trump: Don’t Destroy Vital Protections for Migratory Birds

Hundreds of species of birds which are vital to the health of ecosystems throughout the Western Hemisphere are under attack by President Trump’s efforts to restrict their essential protections. Demand that this administration halt its intent to endanger migratory birds before it’s too late.

Stop Maiming and Torturing Horses’ Legs and Hooves for Entertainment

Competitive show horses are enduring routine torture and pain in the name of entertainment. Their hooves and legs are maimed and injured, sometimes causing lifelong damage. Urge lawmakers to support an effort that could prevent and punish these heinous acts of animal cruelty.

Don’t Infringe on the Right to Record Police Brutality

France may soon criminalize recording police violence, threatening the rights of citizens. Demand that the French Senate protect basic rights and restrain the power of the police.

Stop the Cruel Practice of Mutilating Chickens’ Beaks

Thousands of chickens are horrifically mutilated when their beaks are trimmed in hatcheries and factories. The procedure is done without anesthetics or analgesics and it can have lasting repercussion to the birds’ health. Sign this petition to stop chicken producers from disfiguring poultry.

Yorkshire Terrier Allegedly Abused and Killed Deserves Justice

A tiny Yorkshire terrier reportedly died after being badly abused by the owner’s boyfriend, who allegedly tried to cover up the crime. Demand justice for this defenseless animal.

Stop Poisoning Caused by Industrial Chemicals in Plastics

BPA causes cancer, reproductive issues, heart disease and many other ailments, yet it is used to package countless common consumer goods. Call for a ban on this harmful industrial chemical in our food production.

Restore Moratorium on Executions of Federal Prisoners

Federal death row inmates are set to be executed during the presidential transition, in an unprecedented move not seen in a century. These prisoners cannot even mount a proper appeal defense because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Urge mercy and fairness for these men and women condemned to death.

Demand Release of Women’s Rights Activist

A women’s rights activist has been held behind bars for over two years, where she’s been subjected to horrific torture and abuse. Demand that global leaders use the G20 stage to call for her release and an end to such atrocities.

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