Dog Reportedly Duct-Taped in Dumpster With Mysterious Injuries Deserves Justice

Target: Dalia Racine, Douglas County District Attorney, Georgia

Goal: Ensure justice for apparently abandoned and severely injured dog.

A dog was reportedly discovered with head and legs duct-taped, inside an Omaha dumpster. The incident garnered attention, leading a concerned veterinarian to reveal an apparent pattern of mysterious fractures in pets from the same home. These reported injuries, including fractures to the scapula and pelvis, raised serious concerns about possible ongoing abuse.

Medical records indicated several alarming instances of unexplained injuries. The dog reportedly suffered a mid-body scapular fracture, allegedly from falling down the stairs. Another dog in the same home purportedly experienced a pelvic fracture from running out of her kennel. Disturbingly, this dog reportedly later developed a femur fracture requiring surgery, with no underlying condition to explain the fractures.

The necessity for legal intervention is clear. Animals in this home have allegedly suffered severe injuries under suspicious circumstances. Ensuring justice for the duct-taped dog is paramount to prevent further abuse. Demand thorough investigation and prosecution of those responsible for these alleged acts of cruelty.


Dear DA Dalia Racine,

We bring to your urgent attention the disturbing case of a dog reportedly found with head and legs duct-taped inside an Omaha dumpster. This shocking discovery has shed light on a troubling pattern of mysterious fractures in pets from the same home, raising significant concerns about potential ongoing abuse.

Medical records allegedly reveal several unexplained injuries, including a mid-body scapular fracture from a fall, a pelvic fracture from running out of a kennel, and a subsequent femur fracture requiring surgery. This seemingly indicates a pattern of severe harm with no underlying condition to justify the fractures.

Given these alarming circumstances, it is crucial to conduct a thorough investigation and hold accountable those allegedly responsible for these acts of suspected animal cruelty. The safety and well-being of these animals depend on swift and decisive legal action.


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Photo credit: Mitch Barrie


  1. This so called family is not a family anyone wants to know. Take the parents out and beat them just the way these dogs have been beaten. The kids are not going to be well adjusted and are probably already mentally ill. The parents need to lose these kids to social services, have a lean placed against the home. Have all medical and rehoming costs paid by the parents. Have kids and parents so time in social services but the parents need to go to prison after their trial and the kids are in social services. These people are not well. Yet they know right from wrong so not being mentally well is no excuse.

  2. WTF USA! There is more & more Animal Torture petitions to sign from the US,, It is becoming the number one country for this type of EVIL SHIT.

  3. goh maria says:

    You have got to rescue and rehome these poor babies to new loving homes because they deserve it and ban the owners from keeping pets in future forever. Also, punish them harshly for intentional causing great physical and emotional pain to their pets repeatedly!

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