Stop Breeding Cats Burdened With Painful Defects

Target: Matthew Bershadker, President of American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Goal: Support ban on breeding of cats with genetic defects that cause chronic health ailments.

A feline breed made popular by celebrities such as Taylor Swift has gained a loyal social media following and an uptick in individuals interested in acquiring these “designer cats.” Scottish Folds are renowned for their unusual short, floppy ears. Unfortunately, this “cute” appearance derives from a genetic defect that can present long-term and painful health issues for the cats.

The mutation impacts the cats’ cartilage, making it weak and unable to properly hold up the ears. The defective cartilage can also cause painful chronic conditions like arthritis in the feline. Even seemingly healthy cats will typically develop problems, including shortened limbs, abnormal walking, and a tail that hurts constantly. And no matter the method of breeding, research has suggested that all Scottish Folds will inherit these defects.

Many regions and nations have already banned the breeding of these cats, but the practice still remains largely unchecked in the United States. Sign the petition below to urge an end to the intentional infliction of pain and suffering in the name of trendiness.


Dear Mr. Bershadker,

Ideally, no living being would endure a lifetime of pain from the moment of birth. Yet in the world of designer breeding, countless animals are subjected to this cruel fate due to the vanity of human beings. The Scottish Fold feline is one such example.

This breed derives from a single ancestor with a genetic mutation that can cause arthritis and other bone deformities from as early as seven weeks of age. And because people deemed one aspect of this mutation “cute,” an entire breed was created and still continues to be created. While pet owners “ooh” and “aah” and post social media pictures, the animals themselves may be enduring pain literally with every step they take.

Many regions, including the very region where this breed was born, have taken a long and hard look at this sanctioned cruelty and banned the breeding of Scottish Folds. The United States should follow this example. Please advocate for an end to this man-made cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Mihai Matei

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  1. Breeding cats IS NOT to breed them for a life of PAIN! Breeding cats is a business but if based on a life of pain for the cats, it must be stopped! No cuteness is worth a life of pain but because the breeders don’t feel the pain personally they don’t accept the responsibility. Yet they need to be responsible! Those in circles of breeding need to have over vision to be sure this breeding is stopped. It’s a kindness to do so. I wouldn’t want to suffer for my entire life due to a genetic factor. The health and well being is the main factor in any breeding of animals.

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